The First Mess

  • by shockrock
  • posted Aug 21, 2005


i don't know what it is, but i really really enjoy that.

Watch this

it's kind of disturbing and i really don't know exactly what it is but i really like it


For some reason I really like it. $5.


hey man im in a band called salute the dawn, were looking for logo designers and i liked ur style, id be cool to have a logo made by you for us(buttons/tshirts/etc) ..
hit me back with an email if your interested


what does your username have to do with this? if nothing, than take it off. otherwise it's beautiful.


okay. there are REALLY more than 4 colors... o_o


Sleeping dinosaurs can't see color... or count.


having a hand on my shirt feels a little creepy. but the illustration is absolutely beautiful.


this is stylish, trendy, yada yada... What is it? Why does it say "forcefed"? Whats that mess of blue junk?


Argh, you brought the salute the dawn spammers out of hiding. I guess I can't really blame YOU for that though.

The design is intriguing, I'm curious as to what's going on.




Man this looks a lot like the style of Eduardo Recife of Misprinted Type, which is a compliment. Very nice job man, not sure if they can print this, but nice job.... 5


buatiful graphic. kinda surrealist.but i like it.$5 defnitly


Really cool design, but your name on it? I have to auto-zero.


I like the design, not big on the colors.


all the designs I submit will have forcefed on them. That is the whole idea. What's your cool idea midtown koala?


Simply stunning!

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

Though I doubt the image was really drawn by you, (I guess nothing really is cough predicament end cough) I still definately like it.
Yeah, like blenderbox88 said, Misprinted Type. Nice. :)



I predict your shirts will not be well liked enough to be printed if you put "forcefed" on all of them. Start your own business if you want your brand name on it.


If I can have a brand, as god of everything, lord of the universe, then so can this dude. leave him alone, im wearing his shirt already. cuz im god.


I'm not sure every image needs or shoud be explained, then it would only mean one thing, how boreing. To make something that gets refrenced to Eduardo Recife is pretty great, thankyou. I never knew of this amazing designer.

As for the (forcefed) being applied to my designs, It's not about starting a business with a brand, but more about promoting the product of a lifestyle obsession. We live in a forcefed society with forcefed leadership, consumption and art. Yes, this can be printed blender88. Cool, looks like god is on my side.


I prefer it when "forcefed" is used as an idea/concept, not so much when I think of it as a brand. Apart from that brouhaha, though, excellent and slightly mind-bending design.


something different


-4 points for using your own username. 1


you should have a really bad post-hardcore band named "forcefed" and use this artwork on your first cd. you could all have really big hair, wear lots of black eye makeup, and white belts to the side. don't forget, you'll need 2 singers: someone to scream and someone to sing. oh, and a violin or viola would be cool. you'll need to buy black dress shirts and skinny red ties for everyone. that would be so awesome.


Hey I like it. would buy it, where did you get the graphic? I am really looking for stuff like that? shoot me an email if you can: work


No way!!! i saw one of these things in my grandma's attic once. it's one of those old school massagers. that rocks


love love love the graphic, very well executed. but i dont like the icons so much.


Simply awesome design...but I dont buy the "not a name brand"explanation for a bit. Lose the "forcefed" and I would buy.


classy, rugged, vintage-y even..
woot! very very nice. like the way the brown colors match so well.
thumbs up


I don't get it but I think I like it. As for the "forcefed", it's a tossup for me.
But 4 anyway.
P.S. Forcefed you don't have to say mean-ish things to people who have constructive criticism!


Holy crap! I have one of those things somewhere around the house!


I'm going to have to give you a 1 based on the username written on the shirt. If you are trying to get a message across, try and convey it through your design rather than branding your images with a catchphrase.


Very Monty Python. I like it.


it's like the vibrating massager thing the barber uses. sweet!

Right Hand Red

Hey P.G.

This is a great shirt and I hope to be the first to get one, well second. It sounds like god has one already. Any hoo " force fed" will catch on once others actualy get it, don't let 'en force feed ya.

Keep 'em comming,


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