Ruff Sketch

If you must know, this dog thoroughly enjoys being a canvas. And, this artist always uses nontoxic art materials. It's all in fun for all.


Watch this

Ow! The puns! They hurt my brain!
Very funny, though.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

It would be nice to have seen the interior of the dog in another color to help him stand out a bit more. This is very cool. I do also think I would have liked it better with the sketch not including the nipples so I could wear it to work.


Reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Maybe that's Harold when he grows up. I knew he'd be an artist. ;) very nice.


Nice job on the pun, but no one would get it without having it explained

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

Gonna have to explain that one to me, mikey.

I mean, I positioned the figures so that the dog would be conveniantly blocking the nude woman. I don't think too many people will get bent out of shape about the rough figure drawing in the picture. If the majority feels the way bortwein does about the sketched nipples, they can be selected and removed very easily (Just like in real life!).

And the title isn't supposed to be that big of a pun. I intended the picture to be odd, but fun. It's just an extra ZING. One of my original thoughts for the title (which really isn't that crucial) was "nude drawing on dog." I think the quaintness of the picture is enough to carry it on its own. It's not JUST a play on words (LOL RUFF ITS A DOG1).


I would also wear this to work if it were less "graphic". Why is the sketch of the woman more detailed than the style of her body? Any reason?

Oh no. I wasn't trying to make a pun by saying make it less graphic.


I agree with howlynart, I think the sketch on the dog should be less detailed than the rest of the illustration. At least, that makes more sense to me.

Also, I wouldn't call this smut, but I personally wouldn't wear a t-shirt with a nude on it.


This is a very creative idea. Some suggestions:
1. Put some clothes on the girl to rule out any objections from bosses, teachers, etc. It could be a beach or park scene or something.
2. Put the girl on a bench or piece of furniture. She looks like she's just floating as you have it now.
3. Offer a different color scheme.

But still, I love the idea and the design. 5$.


heh i thought at first it was implying the girl was a bitch (note the dog it could be a female dog) unless it was implying that?


this made me laugh. I suggest you give her a bikini top, or move the artists hand to stratigically cover, oh wait, it already is covering something. I think removing the nipples would just look silly. As is: it is very good, and does not need more detail on the real lady. I could wear this anywhere except work. afterall it is just a small sketchy drawing. Also while I'm staring at this I notice that his foot is like as big as his head! anyway, good job.


i was just kidding i like the shirt i was just trying to make a pun with the workd mut in smut.

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

D'oh. I probably would have gotten it if it had the extra "T" (sMUTT). I thought you were being serious, and were having shift key problems.


You know what big feet mean... the lady is letting him draw her for a reason...boing!


i wont wear shirts with tits on em, but nice concept


holy oh em gee. i dunno what to make of this shirt. i just hope it gets printed because wtf?
five an buyyy


Like it!


the model could wear a Threadless T-shirt, omg


The joke is funny when you can read the title, but I'm not sure if it would really register in a few seconds or less.


haha i get it now...took me a few secs...nice



Sorry- couldn't help myself!


lol, that is one funny shirt :)

Jim Daschle

The sketch looks quite out of place, considering how it is more detailed than the people themselves. Still, I find this a very funny concept.

Lord Nikon

Love the shirt don't change a thing. If I still lived at home I'd be a little scared that my mom would refuse to wash it.

5 $

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