Gas Sucks

  • by Treadted2
  • posted Aug 20, 2005

can\'t drive anymore...

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It's so true! Very clever.

Dow Jones

i guess i might feel bad for you that you can't afford to drive anymore, execpt that, oh yeah, you're a spoiled american who pays far less for gas than most other people in the world. i can't stand when people complain about the price of gas. here's an idea: ride a bike! take public transit! carpool! i'm always amazed at people's reactions to rising gas prices, and you (Treadted2) are certainly in the majority. instead of thinking, "oh, here is a resource that is causing wars, quickly disappearing off the face of the earth, and destroying the environment in the process. how can i use less of it?" people's first reaction is to complain about the cost! well, i hate to tell you, Treadted2 (and the rest of america), but it's just going to keep going up. up and up and up.
maybe your next submission could be about the joys of riding a bike. lord knows it would score better with me.


It's like $1.05 a litre here in Canada...


wow Dow... a little frustrated there, hey buddy?

Just a t-shirt dude, chill out.


I saw this as a political cartoon in the newspaper about a month ago, except first born was the price for super unleaded. Plus, I just wouldn't want to really wear this on a shirt. In addition I gotta back what Dow Jones had to say. ride a bike

Dow Jones

it may be "just a t-shirt dude" but it has a very clear message. a message that i totally disagree with and would never wear.


well, I am a huge proponent of a clean earth. If gas could be done away with, I'd be all about it. This wasn't meant to start any wars. Sorry you have to pay more for gas.

I've been a cyclist for a long time. I do ride my bike. I prefer it. I bet I use about 5 gallons of gas every two weeks. So if anyone should get a bashing, it's not me.

Sorry, was just trying to make a funny t-shirt, Mr. Dow Jones obivously thinks I have failed.


wow dow... step down off the soap box for a second...
you do make a valid point or two (we americas are spoiled with relatively cheap gas, etc) but that doesnt make it any less hard on some people.

out here in cali everything is built around the car. our public transportation systems are nowhere near as good as european systems, and urban sprawl makes bicycling problematic for many. for many, driving is the only practical option, as unfortunate as that might be. and for those with minimal disposable income, any rise in gas prices hurts.


i've seen this before. and i wish gas were 2.57.


Is gas expensive where you people are? It sure is cheap where I am!


I walk when i'm at my dad's house, unless he's driving somewhere...but my mom lives out in the middle of nowhere and it's just not possible or practical for me to walk places when i'm at her house. And the roads aren't safe enough for me to bike on. On top of that, no public transportation goes out that far.
We all know that gas prices are going to keep going up. "up and up and up." That's THE POINT of this shirt.

5 for u, treadted2, partly forall the griping you've had to put up with...

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Why is everyone ready to attack Americans all the time? Shut up already, if you don't like America or Americans then just don't say anything about it. Bitching won't make anything change.

I like the design, 4.


good god and goodness gracious dow jones! just b/c someone makes a shirt about rising gas prices doesn't mean they are a "spoiled american." granted, our gas prices might be lower than yours, but that doesn't - does not, does not, does not - make paying for it any easier on us. it doesn't matter whether i'm american or spoiled or whatnot.... the fact of the matter is, i was paying about 10 to 15 bucks a week in gas to get to work and back 6 days a week just a bit over a year ago. last week it costs me 65 bucks. think i got a raise to cover it? nope. can't ride a bike or take public transport as i live two towns away from the city in which i work.


oh, Treadted... center the illustration higher on the shirt. otherwise, very nice.


center the design a little more and raise it, put it on a blue(?), and def a $5


someone actually put that on a sign here in the Bay Area quite some time ago - there's been other spoofs since

i just don't think it's that original

and venezuelans pay something like 10 cents/gallon


I've seen this before.


Sadly, America is a country entirely too dependant on the car. It's not AS bad in cities that have better public transportation options (busses, railways, subways, whatever), but when you're stuck in a place like I am, the only option is to drive, and that's true to a lot of people.

If I want good groceries, for example, because of where I live all there is is a shit grocery store with produce that spoils in a day and meat chock-full of hormones and crap cuts, I enjoy shopping at markets like Wild Oats, the closest to which I live is about a 50 mile drive.

I don't have the otpion to bike to work everyday, or I would, but I live about 12 miles from work and fuck no am I biking that twice a day. But, I don't complain about our gas prices a lot because I know ours is cheaper than most places and bitching isn't fixing anything. It also helps to drive a higher gas mialage, smaller car. Carpooling also does wonders, which I wish some of the idiots in my town would realize when you see them driving to work one person per car, who DO complain, yeah, that's dumb, but what can you do.

Besides that, I find it more humerous people pay for the shit coffee at Starbucks a week than they do on gas, anyway.

Rambling, but just trying to point out that while people complain/make jokes/whatever, there are more sides to it than "Spoiled Americans, go ride a bike or walk" because some of us just don't have that as a realistic option; that was my point, despite going off on tangents.


$2.57 is looking good about now. This shirt must have been made a week or so ago. You should just change the first number to $5.50, so by the time the shirt is produced it will still be topical.


From a purely DESIGN perspective, this is awesome.

From a purely 'I'm a rich, fat, lazy American' perspective, this is awesome. Just because people in other countries have dealt with high gas prices for a while and we haven't doesn't mean they should get on our backs about it. It's a new concept to us, giving away arms and legs to get places. :)


Amen, Dow Jones!

I also agree with cement_shoes, above.

Great design.

As for gas prices, cement_shoes, this is not a new concept for us. Gas has been pricey in the past. However, it may not appear that way. Your great great grandmother may have said "why, back in my day, it was 5 cents a gallon!" But one must take into consideration the change of values thanks to inflation! What was once 5 cents is no longer ...

Great design and clever idea aside, I still am siding with Dow Jones. Take a bus, folks. Sell your big trucks. Buy some Smart Cars from Europe. They're so cute!

$5 anyway.


Putting everything aside, this is not an original design. I've seen altered photographs and cartoons depicting this exact same image for over a year now. I scored you low based on that, not based on any politics that arise from the image.

Red Panda

I received joke-spam similar to this in my mailbox last week...


cute shirt. dont give a shit about your (everyone) personal politics. yep. ppl have it worse somewhere else. BIG effin surprise. i'm not going to feel guilty for it.


i'm giving you a 5 after reading some of these comments.

god. somebody puts effort into an illustration like this and then they have to deal with this kind of bullshit?

sorry you had to deal with it, i thought it was pretty good.


i like the idea, problem is i have seen this actual photo on another site. So for originality i give it a 2


Dear Dow Jones.

Unfourtantly some people don't have rich parents who can afford to pay for their gas money.

Try this one

shut up


ps : your design is rad, it looks like you put a lot of effort into it... and it's a good concept and it actually has a meaning behind it which is funny which makes it better.

I don't drive but i know my friends that do up here in Canada would love it.


Nice work on a tired design. If you're good at signs, there is a lot of untapped potential in designs of funny signs, isn't there?


You get a 5 just for the fact your design caused so much anger and emotion out of people.


just because it's not an original idea doesn't mean someone may not want it on a t-shirt. 90% of the crap on here isn't original, even in a t-shirt sense. Bird and human sillouhettes suck, and are so worn out, yet they still show up. Why? I've never seen a shirt with this on it. It may exist in real life,
and may even on a shirt somewhere, but I haven't seen it. Originality is relative in these days, because, basically, nothing is original anymore. Everything has been done in some form or capacity in history. Everything is a derivative of something that already exists. Take it to a new medium, then it becomes original in the sense of where it now exists.


oh, and bravo to the designers of this board who actually know how numbers are supposed to look...


I bet most of you don't know the difference. If you do, congrats, you are educated.


one more thing. I didn't want the illustration centered. centered is boring. Assymetry isn't. go to design school.


I'm pretty sure I saw a news review on a website that had a picture just like that.....


Gas costs less in America, but for many people things are also farther apart here than in many other countries where gas is more expensive. Personally I made sure I lived within easy car-free distance from work, but not everyone can feasibly do that.


yo ted!!! thats tight man.. GOD BLESS AMERICA and OUR SPOILED ASSES!


Dow Jones should probably take a few deep breaths. Also, get off his high horse. Alot of people (me included) don't have the option of "riding a bike" due to the fact that it would be way too far of a commute. I'm talking it would probably take a good three, four hours. AND my city has crappy public transportation. We have a few busses but they don't go everywhere are don't come often enough to be realistic alternatives to the car.

Take it easy buddy. Cool off and don't assume people have the options that you do.


Treadted, I love it.
P.S. I like my tees to be controversial !


Dow Jones: Please just rate the tee, and keep your opinions of politics and <spoiled> Americans to yourself.

We really care more about what your rating on the tee is, not your mean words. We know gas prices are going up, I mean obviously by the tee :). Why don't you stop complaining about the tee shirt design and go ride your bike to the bus stop. Thank you and have a great day.

On a side note, I thought it was hilarious so I give it a $5. Good luck, and do not let egotistical fools like Dow deter you from designing in the future.


It may cost more for gas up here in Canada, (where I am it's $1.11/litre) but most people still drive as much as (from what I know) Americans do. Only, there are fewer Canadians, but still. Dow Jones's attack shouldn't be simply on Americans, because people in a lot of other countries are just as bad.
As for the shirt, I've seen it before but I would probably still wear it.


Dow Jones-lighten up. The shirt is funny, and gas is costing me an arm and a leg, so i'd probably buy it.


Mmm, social commentary.


Also, I have to side with daili on this issue. The Dallas, TX area doesn't sport appropriate means of travel outside automobile. If I really wanted to get to work and school on a bike (and I would rather, trust me, the suburbs and I don't agree), I'd have to leave maybe two hours before I had to be at my destination. In my gas eating pick-up, it's twenty minutes and 45 dollars a week.

No busses go from Garland (where I live) to Plano (where I work and school), there are no stops within three miles of my house, the DART rail is two minutes from both destinations, and there is nothing between home and those important destinations.

This is the folly of the suburbs. Live out here, work way out there. Such is the way of things, and with this full reliance on automobile travel without the effective mass transit systems of major cities, I think it's fair to complain about prices soaring, if only a little bit. Kicks my ass every time the meter reads "$45.##" when I fill up, but I only complain about it kicking my ass, not so much that "America is in it for the money" or whatever contrivances anyone else wants to bring up. I'm a poor college student trying to earn my way, and my way is fifteen miles away in the next town and I chose a Nissan Frontier to get me there.

But I only complain about that damned 45 dollars, but, to be redundant, there's nothing else I can do conveniently.


Good God. The shirt is catchy, relevant, and reflects a common problem regardless of location. If you live in a place where gas costs more than $2.57, grab a marker and make your shirt read $257 - suck it up. The message is humorous, and it's not like the shirt says "drive everywhere! use gas! ruin the earth!". Kudos on your design (and the quirky appropriate placing) - I'm truly sorry that people felt the need to spout their political agenda all over you. I look forward to your next design - this is one I would buy.

P.S. Love the shadow of the sign - looks imposing, almost menacing.


lol, its 2.86 here in california, but I like the tee design so kudos for you

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