Fold Them!

Done awhile back, but not sure why did not submit it.

Don't be too critical about the graphic. Like previous, there was no intent to make something out of it. Just happened

-- tootles! --

Watch this
Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

...maybe smaller and on the upper right. i like it tho, very nice.

Dark Visions

I love this! If it wasn't on white it would be so much better. I think maybe red on black, or even if the graphc was black on a red shirt. That would be sweet...I still give it a $5!

freed the beast

I'd want colors other than just black and red..a little too "so totally punk rock"; this design deserves more than that.


SOLD! i was gonna get broken angel wings as a tatoo, this is so much cheaper!


wow. cool! i like it, i vote 4!

almost emo

rocks my socks off <3


wow..this is great id buy for sure


red on black and centered and i'll buy 2


this i like.


if you like this shirt check out other submission, many people like it.


Yeah, maybe over the heart and a wee bit smaller.


if you want it printed, then tell threadless staff. thy're really good at listening to customers.


5 and buy

Silent Bobb

I'm gonna take a guess and say you didn't get this from a Gabriel Marquez story?


if the design was placed some where near the shoulder on the right side would look really nice


I like it.. I would like to see some other colors to... but i like this one... I agree upper on the shoulder would look neato... $4


reminds me of something from that Pop Gun War comic.

Fortino Samano

nice idea, poorly executed.poorly placed


i dont like the red. but 3.


I LOOOOOVE THIS!!! It reminds me of phantom of the opera which I'm madly in love with, what with the fedora and the angel (of music) wings AWESOME

Running Out of Line

on a black shirt would be awesome... maybe brown but not white anything but white


an old fat man with moth just not feeling it


Reminds me of that short story "A very old man with enormous wings"


i like it but not on white

black would be awesome...


It's William S Burroughs, right? Well done regardless.

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