My first shirt for threadless (be kind). I love black t-shirts, but I SWORE I would do something different (though one on black is included). This design celebrates the joys of life and the wonder tha... who am I kiddin? It\'s a little pooty bear. It just made me laugh.

Watch this

The bear is INCREDIBLY cute! However, be it cute or not, I wouldn't wear a farting bear on my shirt. Sorry. But damn that bear is cute!


esta comica!


I HATE cute, cuddly animals, except when they're farting, and when they're being propelled through the air by a fart...well, that's even better.


i cant wear it, but g-dam that is funny. I almost spit my coffee on to my keyboard, and im a controlled man.


Well, I just found this site today, and i'm already dreaming up my first submission. As far as your first goes, I must say that i love this little pooty bear. It hurts my heart how he is being propelled into a faceplant though. Perhaps a heavenly trajectory would be less sad. Well done.

Barton Burns

the "pfwOOt" part is mostly a nod to my gamer pals. ;)


The pfw00t helps make the shirt. It's great. Who cares if people say fart jokes are immature.


Yay for farting things! And wOOt. Dang. Zeros look like lower-case o's here...had to capitalize the o's, which is less cool.


that's absolutely f**kin hilarious! $5


wOOt! that teddy making this sound kills me.


I agree with cement shoes. Bear, no fart. THEN, THE CUSTOMERS WILL FLOCK TO THIS SHIRT.


hahaha.. Id TOTALLY buy it...
not for my girl, tho.. hehehe


what if the bear was on the lower back of the tshirt? i'd still want something on the front though...


5$ the greatest shirt...ever man. It is the shirt of the gods. By Zues' beard...I need this shirt!


i dun like d ppffwt word

little monkeys

who new a farting bear could be so cute!


I dig it! Totally simple, cute & quirky. I'D BUY IT!


I think the bear is really cute, but yeah.

I wouldn't wear a fart shirt.


a ja esta chistosito


If I was to buy a farting bear top, it would be as a gift to my boyfriend. I like it......4

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