• by astipanuk
  • posted Aug 15, 2005

One easy step.

Watch this

good concept, try making just a regular keyboard or something and attach it to the collar, it is a good idea it could use some refinement, though


This is a really cool concept, and I think it would be really cool to just have a regular keyboard , tilted at an angle, and the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Design keys in a different color than the other keys.


the space between shift+ctrl+alt and "D" is a little awkward. i like the concept though.


I like the concept but i agree with amandaw...the space is a little odd...

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great concept...and i agree with doing the whole keyboard, with these keys highlighted...


i think the space is what makes it, a full keyboard would be too ordinary too literal - enemies of good design!


I agrree w/Vertigo. The whole point is not to have the full keyboard. Great design!


you don't have to add a full keyboard to make the space less awkward to look at...


Nifty, I guess.


Great, I like it.


Me gusta!


The buttons would be cool in a left to right order with a plus sign in between them. Like when computer manuals had actual pics. of the keys. That would be mocking the computer manual, and your message might be clearer.


eghck -- PC?? cmon dude... have fun with a sore left pinky ! you should change the "design" key to say "i (inadequate)" =) just an appler heckling a Pee Seer!


my PD would be happy if the JUST button existed!


boring and leaves too much room open for random people to start inane conversations...unless a "conversation piece" was what you were going for...


i have the urge to press the buttons.


YES. Also, remove the "D" before design; it seems unnecessary.


Haha, I means YES to the design and also YES to making it a full keyboard.


I for got what ctrl shift alt does. Damn.

Paul Hoppe

looks great - shoulda been a mac.

Fortino Samano

we have 5 people refering to the "concept" of this design, yet no-one has thought to discuss what this is. the lettering on the delete key has been replaced by DDesign. is this a criticism of the homogeneity of adobe-reliant design? perhaps suggesting that in quitting our computers, we are better able to express our design intentions, without them first being processed into a ubiquitous mould? yet astipanuk has presented this design on a computer (and i would think designed it too), which would seem to suggest a certain sympathy for technology. is there an alternative to this theory? could it be that deletion (the selective process) is the key to design success? or perhaps it has nothing to do with deletion, and he's celebrating a shraed interest, by turning the t-shirt wearer into a unit with design capabilities.


love the concept of the keyboard
and of design.
not too sure about the placement on the shirt though...


thank you all for voting and commenting. i've really enjoyed reading your reactions and interpretations. my concept was to comment on the frustrations of a designer working for non-designers who believe all graphic designers do is press a couple keys and our PCs (i felt this was most common in PC environments) magically generate the projects. as far as putting the full keyboard in...why? so a bully can accurately torture you with a "typewriter":) the spacing between the keys...I wasn't sure what to do with this so I used a golden ruler prior to creating the perspective...guess I should have relied on my eyes...

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