• by i__say
  • posted Aug 15, 2005

You know, I really like it because sometimes I catch myself thinking exactly that way.

But I don'tknow whether I'd wear it. Maybe if the design were smaller?

Watch this

^its just big so you can see it. Nothings set in stone yet...


ranch phone

ooh i love it.. i feel like that everytime i buy something new!

cronobeaker profile pic Alumni

Hahaha! I can't get enough of this one, I want it so bad! Keep it the size it's at, any smaller and it'll become too difficult to read to the average passer-by. I can so see people checking out my shoes after reading the tee.


Haha, that's awesome!


Really good. I'm just gonna have to make sure I'm wearing decent shoes when I wear this.


^Thats a must! haha



Good illustration, but please fix the grammar ...

if you're going to have commas in the rest of the sentence, then please also add one to "everyones" so it reads "everyone's" (contraction of "everyone is") ...

other than that, 5$


^it's called an apostrophe ''
this is a comma ,

i want this shirt...even if you don't add the apostrophe. i love grammar but i love this shirt more.


also, not on white...i like that blue you have the whole thing on.


this makes me feel icky. because my shoes are worn.

jonhillier profile pic Alumni

I really like the style of the illustration - nice expressive characters.


Fantastic illustration. I would buy that.
Great work!

They call me Guv

guess who just got new shoes! 8D

i like it $5


yes, it reminds me of somehting that would be on youyesyou.net which is completly awesome because I love that site.


I like it! 5. I like it more on the blue though.


you can get rid of the "on..........." it doesn't look like it fits and the message gets across fine without it. also thats frikin huge. make it smaller please


^Make it smaller? It hasn't been printed buddy....
That up there is a representation of what it would look like on a shirt so people can see it, not exactly what color, size, or placement it has it be if it were ever to be made.


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