• by seeloth
  • posted Aug 15, 2005

I'm not sure whether or not I would like it more if it said "howdy", so I'll just leave it alone and say how much I like the drawing.

I really like the drawing.

Very nice, I'm thinking a 4 or 5

Watch this

It's an amusing drawing! It'd be super swank if he wore a 10-gallon hat and said howdy....nods


please more colors besides shit and pooh brown? if so 5 + $


yeah DEF give him a HUGE hat!! make it a dorky hat too like REALLY random maybe a beanie hat with those little spinny things on top...itd just be so ranom. you should have him say HOWDY too!!


I think the caption would only cheapen it. I like it how it is, although a cowboy hat or sumthin' wouldn't hurt. Dut don't mess it up, LOL.

Barton Burns

Heh heh. I rate anything that makes me laugh at LEAST a four. :)
Fun shirt.


looks like a penis head. awesome!


I would put "Howdy" underneath aligned with his feet.


Looks alot like that alien on american dad


If you can move away from the earthy colours, and promise not to add any text... I'll take it!


i really like this little guy, trust me, i think this is one of the better submissions i have seen today, but i don't know how well he goes on a t-shirt. maybe if he was part of something bigger or a little more complex than just a guy standing there... :-)
maybe since it's called Howdy, he could be wearing cowboy boots or something like that. then i would think it was more t-shirt material.


I really like this little guy, but I do agree with doughboy, my first thought was american dad.


Strange and fun. Dig the dark brown, makes the lil guy pop out more.


i love your style. LOVE it.

akaFab profile pic Alumni

Anything with one eye bigger than the other gets a vote from me :)

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