Creation of a Fan

  • by Pifman
  • posted Aug 14, 2005

Feel free to zoom in.

I put a lot of time and effort into this one, so here's to hoping it finds its way to the winner's circle. Let me know what you think.

Watch this

Nice and simple, I really like this.


This deserves to win every contest out there. Muy cool.


who more faceless vector people? for the love of god, give them eyes...! 3.


esta brutal!! i love it!


this is awesome, i dont understand why there isnt so many votes, great job
$5 i give you!!!


It's a little homoerotic, no? (" Not that there's anything WRONG with that...")


i like it.. the sillouette heads in the crowd arent quite right.. look flat.. but neat idea... good job.


At first I thought it was two gay guys...


this made me laugh out loud.



Nice shirt :)


If I could score this, the guy all the way to the left with that looks like he's got a mullet would give this a five by itself. But I can't, so I won't. This could win though.


Very creative.
Very clever.
Very cool!


Good work. I like the positioning of the subjects. It's realistic but still true to the postion of the original painting. Yeah.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

I like it! Yeah, it's a tad homoerotic. But that makes me like it more! Woo woo.


very cool! Love the idea. I'd get this for my musician friend for sure!
5$ NICE!


I agree that these guys need eyes. It just seems like a cop out not to draw faces anymore.




old one


i agree with secretlyrobots, i would like to see the design cracked, don't know if it would be better, but i would like to see if it made the overall effect better. 5


the actual painting has a cape around the god something like that might work better then the stage. awesome concept


Hey thanks for all the comments so far everybody! Okay let's see here... For those who think the design looks a little homo-erotic, do you also think the original makes God and Adam look gay?

And mgodfrey88, yes there is some sort of cloth something behind him, don't know if it's supposed to be a cape. But can't you see why the rockstar on the right wearing a big cape might not make the most sense? Remember, it's a spoof on the original, not a duplicate. Thanks though.


Creation of Fan. Great idea and depiction.
Fan dude needs a shirt though, it could be a fitted, snug shirt and maybe should be hoisted a bit higher, it took me a bit to see the hands raising him up. 5


a little faggy...the dudes look like theyre in love.


and yes, the original does make God and Adam look gay.


Horray for intelligent tee shirt designs! 5$


i like this shirt! i was iin rome a couple of years ago and i went to the\<br /> Sistene chapel. i saw this painting.
i think that you should make the guy on the left look more as if he is crowd surfing, because at first, i thought he was sitting on grass or something. like make the crowd a little more obvious. and the legs of the guy on the right looks awkward, dont know why but they bother me. i think its because he s in an awkward position on the stage. he would definitely fall over if this were a real concert. also, could you maybe make the faces and lines more distinguishable? thanks


oh, and if it isnt too much to ask, could we have some better colors. like brighter? sorry about the double postt, but i forgot to say that in the first post.


Very neat! Once I figured out what the other guy was sitting on my likeing for it increased ten-fold.


i know it's from the sistine chapel, but the poses make it super homo-erotic. Supposedly Adam is rumoured to be modeled after Michaelangelo's gay lover


Rockin! Very nice reinterpretation


OMG this shirt is so gay!
...Oh wait, I made it.


a little gay to me...


I absolutly love this shirt!!! The colors Im not sure of


very cool image.. the colors are not the best


5 as-is. i'd score it higher than 5 if the "fan" was dressed more like a concertgoer and/or it had the crackly look mentioned.

very good idea, very well done, my best compliments. thanks for a cool design.


I really like the idea of this getting printed as is, and the shirt getting better with age. As soon as I saw this I thought it would look cool with the distressed look. For once it won't be a bad thing if your shirt starts cracking, and the impatient can always speed the process up with the aid of clothes dryers and so forth. It means the shirt will potentially get more wear than most.


Now I get why some people are saying he should be wearing a shirt! I'm used to outdoor concerts (where guys with no shirt is very normal) but I guess most people are used to indoor stadium concerts, or maybe concerts where taking your shirt off would be considered out of place.

So yeah that explains that.


I can't believe this wasn't printed. I only saw it for the first time a couple of days before the winners were announced so I didn't get to vote, which sucks because this shirt is so awesome it's practically painful.

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