The Way Back Home

that's some funky perspective.

Watch this

i love it. wonderful use of line and sillhouette. i like the placement on the shirt also. kicks the booty! Cheers.


fix the perspective and this could be beautiful.


Cool. But as it's been already said, change the placement.


is that a little devil head at the bottom of the tree


thats super nice. the placement is cool. and uh, well.
its a buy to me.


yeah that is a little devil head I didnt think anyone would notice. Ive always thought the Crossroads scene (Robert Johnson) would make an awesome tshirt so that was my inspiration. I agree with the coments on perspective and have made a revised version that Im gonna submit once the scoring on this one is done. Thank You very much for your comments.


I think that if you're going to keep the devil on the design you should give it a body, too. That way it will fit with the picture better. And The guy's head looks oddly-shaped. Maybe give him smaller ears? Otherwise, I really like it.


Is that a path, or a tunnel? I'm wondering what the devil's head means. I'm too confused to score yet.


yeah, the guy is wearing a hat, if you didnt get that. And I dont want the devil to be a big part of the design its just there as a sidenote. I might remove it all together no one objects.


Don't remove the devil! He is such a neat little addition to the design.



it reminded me of the Shawshank Redemption... :)


i love the perspective! this is a wonderful piece of artwork!


The first thing that I thought of was that ending scene in Cast Away where Tom Hanks is standing there looking in all 4 directions down dirt roads. I don't know who robert johnson is. Am I too old? Illiterate? Not watching the right movies?


google it.


I don't think I even really saw the design before the last couple chapters of To Kill A Mockingbird popped into my head.


i like this even more now that i know about your inspiration. it also reminds me a little of "the devil and tom walker." the devil is good for allusions, but the design would still stand on its own without him.

i don't know about that leaf stamp, though. they're way too big.


okay, this shirt kicks ass.....i love Crossroads and this was well done to portray it....a revised version could kick ass but i say leave the devil in there, it adds a lot to the design without needing to be a huge part of the picture



i really like this one. 5. id buy it.


I don't care for the devil's head, now if you added say angel wings or something similar then it would be like which path do you choose and I'd like it then.


maggie2z....that may be cool to do...but it would take away from the original inspiration of the shirt.....go out and look for a copy of the movie Crossroads(with Ralph Macchio, not Britney Spears).....okay, this is your mission, good luck


sorry i didn't mean to say nothing just pressed the button for some reason.. i absolutely love the shirt! i think the perspective's fine, it's one of those things you look at and don't get at first but then you realize. i say leave it as it is.. yeah, no angel wings if you know what you're talking about.. i'd definately buy it

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