Guns N Roses

clever, wouldnt wear it tho

Watch this
Ysabrylla Noakes

Woah, took me a moment to figure out that those were roses. Maybe if it was over a little bit more to the left. It looks good, but I don't know if I would wear it...


I really like the design but the placement isnt that good.


wow, this is awesome!!!


How should i adjust the placement of the figure


Wow! Awesome Banksy rip off! Great job! I totally LOVE it when people blatantly steal and expect no one to know! It's my favorite!


While the idea is the same I wouldn't say it's a blatant rip-off.

Seriously though: Banksy version = Dissident with molotov cocktail in mid-throw replaced by bunch of flowers, this version = soldier with a gun, who for no apparent reason also has a bunch of roses.

Um... actually, what is the narrative going on here? Or is it just an elaborate excuse to make the title pun?


I don't know which I hate more, it's blatant reference to a bad band of the 80s or it's blantant use of clip-art. OR the fact that graffitti sucks. OR said blatant rip-off of an attention whore artist.


I like the design but the clipart is no good. But rock on my friend.


light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks threadless folks (for your are the people who failed to detect the "Predicament" design which got printed.

I am a stenciler and Banksys is my idol, but this idea came to me when i was looking at a Guns N Roses t shirt and saw a boring revolver and a bouquet.

So i juxaposed an soldier holdingn a gun and replaced the grenade with a bouquet.

Banksys featured in WIRED mag this month.

I thank you for your criticism for this is my 2nd stencil.


Also, Banksys's bouquet had a variety of flowers, mine are just roses.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

It's a nice stencil. It does sort of scream Banksy tho. Banksy is not only your idol but a lot of other peoples' idol as well. You should know his work and as a stenciler, avoid getting too close to it in order to form your own voice and not fall into his shadow like so many do.

Also, the bouquet looks a bit clip-arty as opposed to the more photrealistic and 'gritty' soldier shadow/light areas.


ok, officially i love banksy...

Not a Surfer Rosa

I like the design... almost as much as I like Bansky's.

Admittedly, yours is not identical. However, it's close enough that upon seeing it, the first thought is not "cool t-shirt" but "Oh. Banksy."


best band
and i like the design
u could make the stems for the roses a little more detailed
and his right leg (? the one farther back) could use less highlights near the boot cuz its just dissapearing
5 anyway tho


Very clever. I reward cleverness. 5.


I love this on the black. Perhaps if the graphic were made a touch smaller but kept in the same place, it would be a little better. But I'm still giving a five and a buy it. This shirt is awesome.

Mac Chaddy

Design is great, needs to be centered.


if it were centered or in the upper right hand corner id so buy this


Can anybody say BANKSY.......c' is cool though.


but then again im not so sure banksy invented going round the shade/light of an image... although this is very alike the image on banksy's website.


cool thougth but different roses (too clip-arty) and different placement would make this a very good shirt


not bad, does walk the line of you idol's art a bit much, but it is still cool...maybe a diferent placement or slightly smaller or something....not sure what you did, cuz the link didn't work


Hello my name is Jake and i am in a band called The Last Great Assault. I like your desgin and i was wondering if i could talk to you about some desings get back to me at

can't wait to hear from ya

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