play with my heart

ha ha its pong

Watch this

its a little close to the top and I would like to see it on a different color

secretly robots
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if this were done just a little bit better (using a real program instead of what i assume is mspaint) it could be great... 3 for the concept


Great concept...I agree the design could definitely be lower...and maybe a touch smaller.


Next time, draw the heart instead of using a dingbat.


Oh no no no, don't phunk with my heart...............................reminds me of that. But I like the design.


Change the way the heart looks
other then that it's great


i kinda like the heart...but it really should be lower..
i liked it the first time, and i like it this time too : ]


why is the zero in the top left corner a different color?


Using mspaint gives it the old school look that "pong" deserves.
I like the concept, but I think it's too big. Think about what it would look like on a real person.


The heart ruins it... its a T-shirt it dosen't have to have a deep poetic meaning..:P


I really love the idea, but the heart really does ruin it. Don't use a dingbat or maybe just make the heart a ball like the normal game. That'd even be pretty sweet.

cheap novelty

good idea. except the heart symbol


I love the idea..I think the heart should be a different color or the shirt should be on grey or white. The numbers should be in a different font and not so big and the lines down the middle should be a bit smaller.


good concept, but smaller and lower, but really a great idea.


good idea, but the heart doesnt really seem to go in to well, like when i first saw it, i just thought it was a heart randomly put there, maybe you could have tried making it seems like it flows better.


i agree with the other's a cool concept, just fix up the design a bit

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