Bubble Trouble

  • by seenew
  • posted Aug 13, 2005

Something I\\'ve been fooling around with.

Watch this
Not a Surfer Rosa

The guy looks like a guitarist for a bad hair-rock band.

But I dig the concept.

stuck with pins
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Fix the kid's face. The angle that it's at, you wouldn't even be able to see the outlining of its nose.
And that's all really. I'm being nit picky because I like this.



i think your flash file is broken.... when i try to scale with z or x it does nothing, but when i drag on the shirt it moves the graphic then scales, so it's really hard for me to actually zoom where i want.
also the color change didn't work for me.

or maybe it's just my browser that sucks!

design-wise, i like the idea but i think it'd look better if the bubbles were treated to the same line style as the guy... i don't know how, but he looks cooler than they do. maybe they'd lose their bubble-ness though.


No, it's the way Threadless messes with the swfs.

Everyone please check this link to see the color options and sizing/positioning abilities

>>>>> http://seenew.net/bubbles.swf <<<<<<


I thought it looked best in turquoise or khaki, with the art in the lower left-hand corner, as seen from the front of the shirt. I love this design, by the way, and I would definitely buy it with the aforementioned elements.


it's a really cool design, but I don't know if I would buy/wear it.


that kid is like a slash with dwarfism.

in not-a-good way.


the concept i love

the little guy...i'm not so sure about.


i dig the lil dude a lot, even if his hair is on crooked.

The skull lovin i could go without.


fix nothing. IT flys and gyvs. 5er for you!


I don't really see why people think the face and hair are wrong... But I guess it's because I saw the original photo that I used for a reference. If anything, what should be wrong is the pants; she was originally wearing a skirt...


if the kid weren't so creepy, i'd like it

Basically Normal

I think maybe the face looks funny because of that one piece of hair that is in front of it. It starts to look like a face detail instead and I think this is what is making it look distorted. I really like the skull and bubbles - have you tried it with just the wand, skull, and bubbles?


I like the skull and bubbles. Get rid of the guy.


I like the first blue option that comes up. Also like it that the skull-bubble is right over the left breast - right where the heart is. And the default scaling is nice, keeps it balanced overall.

Digging this. I would buy it if I had the money.


it looks rad with just part of the skull on the seam and the big bubble on the sleeve. maybe its just me, but it looks super-cool there.


Make the dude a little less metal-hair looking.

Perhaps a business man?


i like the turquoise, blue, and brownish color best with this. awesome job! i think it would look neat in the lower left, though center is cool too.

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