All Hail Ice Cream

I pledge allegiance to the flag...

Simple, tasty. Let me know what you think! Does it need more explanation?

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Red Panda

Napolitan, mon capitan!

(Oh god I hope I spelt that right)


Yummy tummy! No, I got it right away, and I'm dense.


Neapolitan, Red Panda ... but close enough! :)

crunchyontheinside ... this could've been done by anyone ... but it wasn't! Very cute. I'd wear this!


(by the way, "this could've been done by anyone ... but it wasn't!" is meant as a compliment)


Thanks! I figured I might as well start with something straightforward.


aweome. 5$ simple and nice


ok, while i understand what you're getting at, i personally wouldn't wear this...


i prefer spumoni, but this looks pretty tasty! You might consider making the flag a little smaller.


This is so cool. Icecream core 4evr. (i usually scoop out the choclate and leave the strawberry)


Nice idea. How about some texture? or a spoon? or a flagpole?


I'd like some texture, maybe to make it look a little creamy. But this is still very good, nonetheless.

She as in Molly

I love the directness of this. Plain and right to the point. $4.


i'd like this better if you made it look like and actual flag on a pole, perpahs waving in the wind.

good idea, keep working wiht it. ;)


What are these people talking about?

loglow profile pic Alumni

I guess I'm looking for something a little less simple. Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea, I just wouldn't buy it for $15. Maybe make it into more of a 3d flag, or use this iconic version of the flag in a design with other real flags. I'm kinda torn though because it is pretty funny.

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

I disagree with everyone who says that it should be 3-dimensional. I do think, however, that it would be nice to see it with some text, like those "Italia" shirts. I think that everyone here will disagree with me, but I don't think that it is immediately obvious that this is about ice cream and could use the word "Neapolitan" or something above the image.


I would buy it. Simple, nice and my favourite subject.


OMG- i vote for this to be our new flag.
no no- no text. coz then youll know whos really a smart cookie- or an icecream junkie- either way, youll weed out new friends. lmao
plus, theres no text on a naked icecream sandwich- which is exactly what youd be sportin this thing in the chosen brown. lol
i love it!!


its ice cream not a flag stupid


maybe with a spoon...or maybe not.

i just don't know.


I think the problem with giving it a spoon is that you wouldn't think of it as a flag and if it had a flag pole you might not think of ice cream. It must be both!


what if the spoon was the flag pole...


I think this is probably too simple to be printed on here, but adding a spoon or a flagpole would ruin it. That would be a completely different idea. I love this, but I wouldn't buy it.


mmm. I like to mix it all together for a creamy light brown oooogie mess!


daahhling, at 2:09pm on Aug 17, 2005
what if the spoon was the flag pole...

i was just thinking the same thing! that would be great :D


I heartily disagree with the texture, spoon and/or flagpole, and text ideas. This image is like you're looking straight into the brand-new, pristine box, clean and simple. Lovely and perfect. $5


mmmmmm delicious.


I was reading through comments disagreeing with the spoon / flagpole stuff until I read the "what if the spoon was the flagpole?" That would be great. And maybe on gray? The black and brown does something weird to me. Without any changes I'd buy this shirt - what a great idea... still I'd like to see the stuff I mentioned tried.


hehe... this reminds me of the beach when I was a kid - I used to spend all day at the lake during summer break... eating ice cream that was these exact colors.

5 for nostalgic reasons. :)


We all scream for ice cream!


tres bien.

you deserve a medel, my friend.


WOW! Would love to see it on some different color shirts.


Funny idea, but I could probably make it at home... y'know... sorry.


This would look ridiculous on a flag pole as someone mentioned above. I really like your idea, but I would like the design just a tiny bit smaller on the shirt.


haha i love it $5


I'd buy it...very cool idea, yet so simple. Awesome :)



I'd buy it if it had the text on the shirt. Why do people not include the text? Some designs need an explanation for people to see


It doesn't need text at all. Those of us with common sense and a little pop knowledge know exactly what it represents. Text makes it seem like you're forcing it on others. It's more subtle this way. Great job, I'd definately buy it, if only for the color scheme.


you could use an ice cream scooper as a flag pole


Silly. I like it.


spoon as a flagpole maybe? i dont know
i like the idea a lot but im not sure if i would pay $17 for this


no spoon, texture, text or 3D flag required, it's perfect as is. some things are ruined by explaining! $5. would like to see it on a light brown background.


me eating it! i like it!


mmmmm.... ice cream is my favorite!

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