Angry Tube

  • by J-Ray
  • posted Aug 10, 2005

good idea needs much work

Watch this

Nice shirt. Get back to work.

oh astronaut

good idea. but i suggest you go back to working out the how you shouldn't put a red/pink image on a red shirt. duh.


I like it, but it needs something more -


I like it just the way it is. $5


i really like this concept, but i agree that it could be executed somewhat more powerfully. i don't necessarily have a problem with the tonality of the design (using a lighter color of the shirt for the image), but i do think that it is sort of weak as is. a fix could be as simple as putting an outline around the image...
i love the angry tv though, and i'd probably still buy it just like this!


See, guys, the problem with all these great comments is that Threadless won't allow you to tweak a design and resubmit. I learned that with my first design ever. So, thanks for the input - but this is all you'll ever see of ole' Angry Tube and his crazy rantings!


I like it as is. I think the fact that the contrast is not high makes it subltler, which is good, because it is a simple design and doesn't need to be in your face. 5$


Give it better contrast and it would be cool


keep...working..nice lante


The 'blah' on the right kinda looks like 'blan' to me. But I like it. And would probably wear it because it's subtle enough and doesn't attract an insane amount of attention to itself like so many of the shirt designs on here do.

Busy does not = good. So I like this.


This is great and a half.


$5, i like subtle. and the tv is cute.


more work too simple and

is this whole tv sucks thing a new fad noone told me about?


yeah, I agree with Washintonville. T.V. rocks! Without T.V. how would we watch "Pimp My Ride" or "Being Bobby Brown"????


ok-you put all your 'designs' on a very similar shirt color so maybe we wont notice how bad they are?


Funny you should say you can't resubmit. I know I've seen many a 2.0 version of a design...


I like the tone on tone color scheme of this shirt - and I'll venture to guess it was an intentional aspect of the design...If not, so be it. It works.


People are so mean! I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep!


I like, the contrast works well I think


Cicada, don't let yourself be brought down by the harsh comments. People are a lot tougher when they're behind a computer screen than in person. It's a good looking design.

My only constructive criticism is that the"H's at first looked like M's. So I thought it was "BLAM BLAM BLAM" before I looked at it more closely.


alanis morrisette rules!

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