There are many apples on the success tree, but when you pick New York City, you pick the Big Apple. That is whole concept of my design. The icon of America spirit with big apple symbol. It's to bring a large hope, dreams and happiness for people who live or travel here.

Watch this

I don't like the mac apple


I like the shadow used for the statue of liberty being the leaf of the apple. Dont know if it was intentional but it looks good


Remove everything but the mac apple and I'd buy it. Lol.

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I don't like how the letters are cut by the shape of the apple. Another submission did this the same way. Actually set up the letters to be the shape of an apple instead of having them cut by the invisible path.

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Also, it's really nice how the words get larger at one part of the apple and smaller around the other. Sort of a faux 3rd dimension or something.

kevin wang

Accpect All Good and Bads comments. Thanks for check me.


I have to say, and I did not realize till now that some of these submissions were for specific categories and such... for that sorry... yet, I really like this one. I think you did a great job with design and layout, and if you actually wrote the tag line... excellent!! and cheers!!! to you. In regards to twniehaus... all I can say is ouch. I am sure it was accidental and simply coincidence not a ripoff. Good work on yours as well btw, twniehaus.

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i have a feeling it was indeed ac cidental. its a pretty generic idea. i do really like wangs execution of this.


i really like this one, a little large on the shirt, but the typography is great and i like the shape of the apple..


thats really an awesome design

but i really hate these new york pride shirts

thats so 90s, with the I LOVE NY crap


why is it ALWAYS nyc?!?!?!?!


do a shirt about noblesville, indiana and i would buy it lol!


the macintosh logo needs to go. This would get Way higher scores if you hand-drew the letters to truly be in the shape of the apple. This looks good too, but I'm just sayin...


yeah, first ditch the modified/hacked apple logo.

It's well done, BUT...Threadless isn't a PR agency for NYC. The majority of the people here don't care about promoting New York.


Ignore my last comment, I didn't realize this was a SP submission.


yeah everyone is hating on this shirt for such stupid reasons.

1. Its for semipermanent so it is going to have some relation to NYC. duh.

2. I don't think its meant to be the MAC apple cause it doesn't have a bite out of it.

3. This is much better done than the previous letters in a aaple sub. Props to the guy who took it farther. The typogrpahy is a million times better. If everyone could use type like this, then maybe threadless community as a whole wouldnt be so hating on type.

So basically what i'm saying is - give the guy a freakin break.

thanks snuggums


I love NYC, oh no.. hang on.. I don't...... Yeah, make something that doesn't only appeal to people who live in NYC and you'd get my vote.

kevin wang

Thank's God.....You guys so rock.I knew some people doesn't like my apple made. I use Amercan typeface to relate with whole concept. And I saw other guy did same Apple shape. It's great. However, The idea I did it to show a America dream for all people who is dream on to go NYC,USA.The letters have Up and down mean is in the reallity is not everything r so perfect. Even ur dream r come ture. No matter u did see it or not. I'm thank'x all people r happy and greatful to enjoy the competition.

God Bless all Artworks will be sucess.

Kevin Wang


yeaaaa...I love the mac apple

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