ya this is already in the process of revising...i have the revised version in one of my blogs check it out. i probly should have submitted this a little bit later....i was too anxious....damn! lol

Watch this

frosty cupcake? I like the idea. Keep working. :)


Oh man, i'm really mad about cupcakes but this one doesn't make me really hungry...I don't know why, maybe the color scheme


you should change the color of the cup cake wraping to be very different from the color of the frosting, the idea is great. as is 4


this does look very good...but maybe try the cupcake wraping in a lavendar or gray or sky blue...
i would buy it though!

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

Right now, I don't really think it looks like a cupcake. The wrapper sort of looks like a weird fence to me...


Guys it's a mountain. Did you know that? I like it a lot


eh, where has your cupcake been>

kt REX

haha i loooove the concept of this. 5+buy. but a wrapper color change is a good idea to ponder.


cement_shoes, at 3:52pm on Aug 9, 2005
Guys it's a mountain. Did you know that? I like it a lot

sorry that just made me die laughing


Great design, great colors. Great!


Oh, and! Keep the center positioning for further greatness.


I would love a mountain-sized cupcake.


looks like a dirty cupcake. Mmmm . . . . dirty cupcakes.


are those little dudes I see climbing the cupcake!?


I took it as it IS supposed to look like a fence and it IS supposed to be a mountain, it just LOOKS like a cupcake - hence the title.


I think you should make it a little more apparent that there's a mountain in the cupcake. Perhaps make the mountain bigger?
5$ nonetheless

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Hehe I love it. Saw the mountain right away, but the little climber dudes are so tiny it took me a while to pick them out. I like it.


Ah munna eat choo!
hehehe ;)

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