Acoustic gig.

Watch this

cool graphic, maybe a little too big for the front of a shirt. would work this size if it was on the back. 4$


yup, cool picture


I really like that. Perhaps a little smaller, though. Definitely on the front, though. (I don't like images on the back of shirts because I tend to have long hair that covers whatever is back there...)

But yeah, that looks great. Very nifty.


I really like this shirt! I don't think it has ever been done. I'd buy it $5


little smaller and i'll be out 15 bux


Hi my name is zach.. and i am starting a clothing line. that will be online. and bothed at concerts. The buyers are rock kids. And I wanted to have a threadlessesk clothing line that appeals to this audience. I like what you have done. If you are interested in this .. let me know


the image seems a little would wall realy strangely on most girls chests. I like the image though.


very well done, great perspective, but to have a guy up there playing music doesn't make you think "band", it makes you thing "solo artist".

you might try sticking a full band up there and make the crowd a bit less static


thanks for all the feedback, im keeping it in mind.

to dropowtt:
The brief doesnt state to only represent bands, it says the theme is based around any "artists" and "music". And my interpretation of "beyond the pit" is other gigs beyond heavy ones (such as an soft acoustic gig) where a pit is out of place. Thats where my inspiration came from, i felt a normal band and a wild crowd was a little passé. But thanks for the feedback anyway.


I love this one! I just wish it was a different colour. Maybe royal blue? Man oh man I REALLY like it! Five-r for sure!

save ginny

I like this one.
Maybe move the design up a little because of what goldfishhead said.


love it, definitly navy or dark green


exellent execution!

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