Special Bunny Bureau

I'm fascinated with the concept of retarded animals, so here ya go. A retarded bunny shirt. Enjoy.

Watch this

no, just no


that's ummm.... special.


aw i love bunnies....leave them alone! id buy this :)


I think you did a pretty good job with this. I don't know if I'd want it on a shirt, but still I like the official logo look of it.


That bunny made me laugh out loud! I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it, especially since my mom works with special Ed kids, but hilarious nonetheless...5


another shirt that just scares me...

whisper in water

It's offensive, and not in the good way...
You may not have intended for this shirt to be mean, but it is. I definately wouldn't wear this.


i don't see nething wrong with it.

why's everyone taking so negatively to this one.

i give you 5 just for concept...retarded bunnies...lol


C'mon guys...the caracter is original, give him some respect... 5


Why would we need a federal bureau for that? Character is neat, I suppose, but the idea is no good.


i like this shirt, as you can tell my username is quite.. well similar to the meaning of this.

cept the "special" isnt short bus special in my case hhaha



It's only a joke people. Lighten up.


"It's offensive, and not in the good way...
You may not have intended for this shirt to be mean, but it is. I definately wouldn't wear this."

That's the stamp of approval for being offensive in a good way. Pushing buttons makes the world go round. Besides, I look like that when I wake up in the morning, and I could care less about the design.

On a final note, have any of you people seen his other stuff? Quite different from his other designs...


I agree that retarded bunnies are hilarious but there needs to be more to it than just a picture of a retarded bunny. Like a joke or clever reference or something?!


I thought the idea of there being a Federal agency was funny, but different strokes.


not really that cool or funny


I just wish it said "of" as in "Federal Bureau OF..."


I'm also not sure why there'd be a Federal Bureau of/for/whatever (it's odd that there's no connecty word there!) Bunnies with Special Needs. I mean like. Are the special needs bunnies members of the bureau? Or. Does the bureau watch out for the bunnies? What does the bureau do?! Maybe it'd be funnier/less offensive if you developed the idea a bit more.


Thanks for the comments all. And to those who took offense, Humor was my intention, not malice.


Not really feeling it...


wouldn't all these bunnies be in the middle of the road? dead?

i dunno....it's just not working for me.....

azrielen profile pic Alumni

I make the occasional "slow people" joke too, but I'm not sure I'd wear a shirt with a "special needs" reference eithere. I like the character tho. He looks like he should have been on Ren and Stimpy or some such.

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