i always wanted you to fly

lovely. looks great both ways, but i like it at the hem.

Watch this

better at the bottom

ambivalent about the text, it kind of loses the charm behind it if you take it off


people are going to hate on you for the photoshop brush leaves, but I think they were used well in this case. i like it

a boy on a string.

i thought the same about the brush, but i think it looks good.


keep the text.
i like it in the middle
simple but elegant design


I don't care. With or without text, I like this design.


It would look better at the bottom.


yeh...good old photoshop brush leaves...nice work though


the brush is okay this time...I think this is...hm, graceful? nice.


wow I like it. but keep it in the bottom corner, it looks better there. and keep the text please!


ahhh I would totally buy this if it were at the bottom. 100% hardcore. I seriously a now going to put money aside so I can make it if they press it.


i definitely like it in the bottom corner the best. I gave you $5, I would definitely buy this shirt!


the screenshot is beautiful... i think the shirt would be, too. ah hell, 5!


Oh i love this


Awesomeness, although the text doesn't fit there for me. Maybe if you had gone for a less frequently used font, something handwritten, 'cause the sentence is beautiful.

rebecca merchant

i am totally naming my next emo band "i always wanted you to fly." sorry, that's just so amazing. i don't usually like silhouetted humans, but i like this.


I doubt if anyone will agree with me, but I like it centered best...it looks more like he's maybe flying then.


i like it at the bottom, lose the text, perfect colors. awesome T...


just kidding, maybe keep the text, but make it cursive or handwritten. the scentence is very beautiful.


Hey nice t-shirt just a qestion what color do you think the t-shirt get because in blue it doesn´t looks so great in blue


great idea! I like it at the bottom.
but i think it's better if the text is in handwriting style.
GUESS - there can be female version. i mean the guy there replaced by a tip-toe lady. The slimmer figure will make the whole thing lighter that more like rising up in the air.
anyway, still give it 4!

a boy on a string.

wow. hey guys, thanks for all your lovely comments. i am really surprised that you lik eit so much, thanks.


very cool design, and I like what the text says, it just looks so... stiff when the graphics are almost in the wind and free!

chnage the text and $5


thanks for your comments on my shirts...nice design but try to stay away from pre-made leaves.


i like it! i think it looks better centered though. i don't like things to be at my hip. especially designes this awesome. if i wore it, i'd want people to notice it first thing!


there IS no text, if you look closely (i think)


Love the message but not the typo...and those leaves, hum, quite nice but quite sad they are pre-made...love the colour scheme!


I agree that the photoshop brush is kinda.. eh. But really, when your wearing this, I dont think people will notice and just be like "oh ehm jee they're wearing a photoshop brush AHHHH". on the shirt they probably wont even notice.


love the idea, but the brush is too common.
maybe just cause we're all design retards, i don't know. you could probably find something similar but a little bit more original just by searching a little bit.
otherwise, it's a really nice design.


i much prefer the design in the center too. and i like the blue on blue -- very subtle yet eye catching (if that makes sense).


Thats just a photoshop leaf brush sprayed all over a man. O.o


i really like this, i don't care about the leaf brush too much, and i love the color choices. 5$

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