Poor Oompa Loompa

Poor lil' Oompa Loompa, with those braces he cant eat no chocolate! If you've seen both films new&old, you'll get the connection with the old Oompa & the Braces in the new film!

Watch this

I LOVE IT! Hilarious idea and execution. 5$


yes i dare say i have made that connection 3 times...haha i couldve bought the movie by now. i love johnny depp...this just makes me laugh!

tesko profile pic Alumni

Excellent stuff Dan... I wish I could actually draw. 5 + £

Daniel James Diggle

I suprised the essential "Theres 5 colours not 4!!"hasn't arrived yet, yep i did a four colour version, but i heard that some 5colour designs were let through (And sum won) so i thought i'd try my luck. it looks better with the extra grey.

twniehaus profile pic Alumni

why cant you eat chocolate with braces? mayhbe i dont get it, i dont know.


This shirt just made me smile! :) thank you! $5

square random

if charlie at chocolate with braces so can the oompas, shirt makes no sense, the work for the cocoa beans not for the chocolate bars

square random

willy wonka* not charle damnt >_<


very nice work


AHHHH this is such an awesome idea!


hahaha nice. I love that movie.


omg, this is great.
I freaking love oompa loompas...and the movie.
Wonderful idea!


ive seen your work first hand dan, and your style is nothing like this. i feel perhaps that youre designing what you thnk will work well for the audience rather than expressing your own indiviual style which is quite unique. theres your comment.


omg, that sounded so bitchy, ive just had a bad moment with my boyf and i took it out on your design, sorry oompa lumpa

tesko profile pic Alumni

"ive seen your work first hand dan, and your style is nothing like this. i feel perhaps that youre designing what you thnk will work well for the audience rather than expressing your own indiviual style which is quite unique. theres your comment."


tesko profile pic Alumni

theres your comment


dont laugh at me dan! (sheffield) i had a moment


hey, why dont we have just a random blog forum on our pages for us, where we can chat, about anything. i'll start it on my page ok. there done, come visit :-D


Well...this isn't really funny because it's pretty much just taking a situation and switching characters. It was kindof funny with Willy Wonka but it doesn't really make sense why you would do that.


I love the connection....made me laugh out loud! Awesome!

Daniel James Diggle

Cassanova, read the opening comment, its jus a nice 'little' idea, it's really rather simple, as is the connection. Surely even the reanimated, 'brainless' you might say, could comprehend that?


haha, oompaloompa. thats kewl


He sure has some massive teef.


Yuck another gag shirt, go back to Venice Beach


Daniel James Diggle, yeah I read the opening comment but that still doesn't make it interesting or funny to me. I understand what you are trying to do but it's pretty pathetic in it's humour.


ROFLMAO! OMG. Love the connection! Buy buy buy!

Daniel James Diggle

Well now, obviously its not for you, if I had glorified the idea or connection then maybee 'pathertic humour' would be a valid comment, but seeing as it was a simple 'nice' idea, then your comment is simply vicious and unwanted. Maybe you struggle with simple humour, maybee you are very ugly and lash out at a happy world. Or maybe it's because you are a simple pre-adolesent 14yrold kid, a little girl with attitude problem. Theres enough of you people already on threadless who like to make 'big harsh comments'. Show us your own work and humour before you overly critisise others.
Stupid Bitch

Daniel James Diggle

I dont take kindly to annoying little shits.

Sorry to everyone elses helpfull criticisms and compliments for re-routing the comments section for abit!


tesko profile pic Alumni

Haha, go Jerry! go Jerry! When this has finished scoring I'm gonna come back and do a Springer style conclusion.


funny but i don't like the color


I usually don't check back to see what people have said in reply to my comments, never before this have I even left any to a design I didn't quite like, just wanted to voice an opinion to begin with, but you yourself amuse me. I'm didn't over-criticize this, I only commented that I didn't understand why you were doing it in that way. You shouldn't be quite so defensive with a snappy little comment looking for any points you can apply some critical tactic of your own to to anyone who doesn't like your stuff. Not everyone's going to. Tough. I actually was being constructive in saying it might not amuse or make sense to some, 'simple' as it is. I don't judge people's artwork in the sense of it against that of my own. That matter's quite subjective, anyone might dislike what I do. But you've got to keep in mind that just because someone doesn't have their work on here they ARE a potential customer as well as the fact that their rating factors into things, and their opinion does matter. I don't like particularly cruel commenters either, it's brave of people to put their artwork on display and have it judged by anyone, and it's easy to sit in your computer chair and attack it. But that's not what I was trying to do, just stating my opinion and not being nasty about it, brainless and childish and 14 years old as I might be.

tesko profile pic Alumni

So what have we learnt? Primaraily, that you can't please all the people all the time. Secondly, that I got 2.58 score average and diggle got a 2.34. Mwa hahahaha. And that concludes todays show, take care of each other.


ironic how the newer version had willy wonka as a kid with head gear.
i love this shirt 5

Titanic Cran-apple

I really liked this shirt, and both movies. Too bad it's not in print. Sad face.

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