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Gorgeous design, but I hate the hot pink, sorry.

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Yeah, I agree with matildaben. Gorgeous design, but hot pink isn't my color. I love the design though! LOVE IT!

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AAArrg!!! I hate it when people just shout out what color they hate, you know that doesn't help the desiger because if he put green in there instead of pink some other person wouldn't like green! It's the most unproductive comment in the world!!!!

Anyway, this is a hot design and I think the pink is eye-popping and awesome.


Let's be serious. Who doesn't like green. Horrible example. But the shirt's cool.


This is killer. I want this shirt!


I better be seeing some royalties from you using my picture on this t-shirt. I will be in my cab if you need the design, btw.


I think the problem with the color here is that the magenta + green + light blue don't mesh. The color of the shirt is pastel and I'm not feeling it with the brighter pink and green. Additionally, I feel like your use of black is too limited. Why don't you utilize it on the building or other cars. Right now, the main taxi is looks like a seperate design since the detail is black and everything else has detail in white.


i agree koala. interesting dude tho?

johnny twotone

You have a good point MTK. To me the big taxi was like the foreground, and the rest is lighter and in the background. I did have a tough time deciding which color shirt to put it on, I thought this looked good, but it might look better on a different color. Thanks for the comments!!!


Eye like it!! I'm in the screenprinting biz, and think this has alot of potential. Would look good on an alternative apparel company tee with reversed stiching..super modern tee-shirts
This would look good with off-center screenprinting. Move the design up and to the left. Have the start of the pink meet the start of the sleeve.

I would even print the design over the collar to give it more of an eye catching and unique effect.... doesn't look like you bought it at wal-mart. Print on a pea green or chocolate shirt, or even a sleeveless.
Keep the cool designs coming Johnny!!!

do you know fokt?

Hi. I think this is really sweet. I think MTK wants you to go for the seamless approach where the design is continuous and harmonious. But I think this particular design is much better suited to being contrasting and opposing. For example, I bet cabbies see all kinds of crazy shit and drive around insane people. The cabs also conjure up thoughts of traffic and city driving - which is never smooth and easy. Also, New York is one of the design capitals of the world, and design takes on all sorts of shapes and forms. In NY it's possible to feel inundated by all of the chaos and contrast of opposing/differing designs. And that's the type of feeling I feel this is leaning towards.

ONE thing though. I feel that your foreground cab and the black dude are competing for focus. I see the cab because it has black, but I also focus on the figure because he's got a funny expression, and he's a person. I can relate to person a lot more than I can a car. So I think those two elements are competing. But I do like your shirt. It's quite nice.


cabs all look the same rockstar




I don't think that SHADE of blue works, but I love the colors of the design.


i really like the design but not the shirt color

elbow grease

pimp daddy,,,,,,,,, i like , no whait i am feeln it be itch.

johnny twotone

Thanks for the comments! What shirt color would it look good on?


I really like the shirt color but not the design.


i likie it just how it is. keep it. $5


why is reverand run driving a cab??


friggin sweet. i want one.

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