The Love of Music

  • by Tofu_Rok
  • posted Aug 01, 2005

She's got perky breasts.

Watch this

Seriously, those things are perky as Hell. Perhaps TOO perky.


Hahah ditto ^

I like the girl minus the perky breasts and the chair, but i don't like the shape the little heart/music note things have taken above her head. Maybe make them coming out like bubbles or something, so they're random. Then some of them can be popping at the top just like bubbles. That would be mega cool.


I love this, really nice design, 5.


i think those things are about to float away


i like the shirt, just make her boobs smaller please.


I like it, but the thing I notice most is her boobs and the headphones.
they dont really look like they're on her head.
I can't really explain it but it looks like the headphones are resting on her cheeks instead of her ears...


Good concept, but it needs to head in another direction..I think there should be a better design to get the same message across. It look, too comic, and common.



man, must be cold....

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

looks like michael jackson a bit, without the boobs at least =P

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

Border needs improvement. or removed.

No reason to confine everything into your smooth cornered rectangle.


her boobs are too big, and the music notes look like the commie flag.


Would be more interesting without the border/frame


yeah definatly w/out the frame, i didn't notice the breast thing at first, but if I wore it, my friends probably would... then I'd get made fun of mercilessly...


i like it.
but think no need to emphasize BIG boobs, better make the gal more unisex.
the music notes better not be packed in shape like this.

XOh So ExtrEmoX

I like the concept because I can relate to the love of music that comforts me, but the illustrations, not so much.

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