Rare Beauty

  • by lsmc88
  • posted Jul 29, 2005

This is just a design I made when experimenting on how to draw the umbrella. I hope you like it!

Watch this

oh, and the characters on the top translate to "Beautiful Woman" in Japanese


nice drawing. i like the absence of wind marks, makes it simpler. however, the woman could be more beautiful. she looks like an average japanese mother to me. it would be aided by a prettier face and some breasts.


red, bottom right.


One day, people will learn the difference between the words "alternate" and "alternative", and the fact that they are not interchangeable... not that it has anything to do with this design, but the pedants of the world still take issue.


This isnt an English class. You know what I mean about "alternate" and this site should be about design, not grammar. Now if someone misspelled something on a shirt, that would be another story. I dunno why people waste a comment on stuff like "alternate and alternative are not interchangeable". Get a life


ha ha i luv how youdesigned the girl and the different placement ideas i would definately buy it!


She doesn't strike me as particularly "beautiful". I agree with pvb, she's sort of adverage.


"beautiful woman" may be referring to more than just her appearance. i dont know. but i like the artwork. and i think it looks best in bottom corners in black or red. preferable black.


but as for the appearance, yeah, she is average. hah.


That's why it's called rare beauty. She isn't strikingly beautiful.


I told you, I'm a grammar pedant. I'm just trying to spread some enlightenment... everything in the world requires communication, and even designers need to know how to communicate clearly. If you submitted a design to a company you were working for, your intentions for the design could be misinterpreted quite dramatically, because "alternate" and "alternative" can both sound right in context, but they mean different things. Anyway... I guess I decided to point out the grammar because I couldn't think of anything to say about the design. But now I can say that I think the design is a nice concept, but I agree with the other comments: her face needs work to make her more striking, just so the overall design is more resolved and its intention is more perspicuous.


Oh no, I didn't want you to take it like that. I just thought that it was unnecessary. But thanks for the comments now. I thinkt e face does need work now that I think of it.


Perspicuous. What a fun word.I like the hair and umbrella but the hands and face could be improved.


Looks like something I'd find in one of those banal Japanese Pop Icon stores ie: Giant Robot. Nah.


It'd look way cooler if she was looking down and you could'treally see her face, then you canonly imagine how beautiful she is. Color/placement:red, bootom right definatly!

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