Sometimes Death Is Silly

I like the skull but maybe you don't need the skull.

Watch this

Let's see in the skull's mouth one of those party
blow things that roll out and honk.

glitter ass13

ok i love this one. i think the colors should be more vibrant because we are saying that death is the colors should be brighter instead of dull because we arent mourning over death we are appreciating it.
i love the concept of it.


Reminds me very much of Death in Pratchetts Discworld series. That's a good thing.


he totally does need a party horn thingy helo said :) maybe even those glasses withthe nose attached and mustache.. but then it'd hide alot of the skull.. hmmm 4


i think i like it how it is. i don't like the color tee you're putting it on


i wouldn't wear it
but it made me laugh


um, I really don't like this one. The text seems to bubbly and the skull seems too childish. Eh, Go back the lab. There is nothing silly about death. Unless it's Darwin awards for dying while attempting something stupid, death is not silly.


I agree with the above ^. It seems as though you're almosting mocking death or the reasons that people died. that doesnt make sense. ok just the image seems disrepctful to me, so I wouldn't buy it. That's just me.


well lawless one, you clearly re-inforced the statement that "sometimes death is silly." i love it. i'd much rather see it on a album cover than a t-shirt though... hmmm.


lawless I think you're missing the point. Death can be silly sometimes. One time he put grapes in my shoes and giggled about it for about 7 minutes. I love the design but agree the colour of the shirt ain't so great. and give the skull a party blower!


hey, death is having a great time on that t-shirt. And why shouldn't he? I would wear it. I like the makes the statement seem very casual... i think that's why it is funny... i'm glad it's not red and black like every other skull t-shirt!


The skull itself needs to be silly in some way. Make it apear that he is grinning and/or raising an eyebrow, or give him crunk gold teeth, Something

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