A Zombie Proposal

I love zombie designs, but it would be better on black.

Watch this

zombies!! sweeeeet!!!!

travis76 profile pic Alumni

well, i tried to vote....
quit submitting grea stuff!
i was going to do a 50's style girl getting corted by a zombie on one side and a robot on another.....guess i still can....in a while!


poor zombie girl :(
and one of her breasts is...kind of...pointy?
but this made me smile.


haha... awesome!


oh man, another great one....geez 5$

travis76 profile pic Alumni

people don't get that pointy breasts are fitting to the curviangular style of the drawing as well as the 3/4ths angle of her torso.

c'mon kids. classic cartooning 101.


You know, I saw the thumbnail and the title and got ready to not like this one, but that damn hell ass hillarious. I'd probably buy it on burgandy.


Haha! What a great idea. And yes, her left boob (our right) is pointing right at us. It's exactly right.


i really like the illustration, and the pointy boobs

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haha, I really don't get this boob thing, maybe people aren't used to seeing tits in cartoon form? If you look at a triangle from the front it looks cicular right? and on it's side, it's triangular, of course breasts aren't perfect traingles, but thats why it's a cartoon.

It's like saying, why do they have dots for eyes instead of completley rendered pupils and eye-lids? Or why are they're necks so long and you can't see every single strand of their hair?

Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback people! Thanks for all the comments and compliments!


i'd buy it on a darkish color, so probably the blue or the burgandy.

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I think the green shoulda been brighter... but its a good design

funkie fresh
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maaaan..i'm working on a zombie sub myself although my style is completely different.

i like this best on either of the blues and your style is great...hope you submit more stuff


i think finkenstein meant to say "cone" rather than "triangle" but yes. breasts are just basically a sac of fat with some mammary glands weaved throughout and a nipple slapped on top. when gravity weighs on them while the woman is standing upright, from the front they (can) look circular or spherical (at the least, round, right?), from a profile view they usually take a prettymuchstraight diagonal line outward and then curve back to the body, and as you can imagine, on a 3/4 view the nearer breast looks round and the farther breast does the diagonal-curve thing.

anyway, this is a 5. i like how it's a zombie shirt that ISN'T all gothy, i like the colors chosen. but i'll defer to those who would wear it to decide what they'd like it best on!


lmao id love this in denim $+5 and watch out someone might call ya racist ;x

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what?? against zombies?


i really like your style, jess.


It reminds me of the Phantom Planet video for their song "Big Brat." I love it.


thanks for the lessons on boobs, hey guys ; )


I like the red and blue -- 5 and $.


nice work. 5

mad cat

graet work, Finkenstein!!


aww what a gentleman! personally i love the boobies. the pointy one really adds character to her. $5


oh and i like it best on dark blue/navy/denim whatever

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thanks guys!!
and thanks littlesteve!! you should e-mail me or some such crap!


Great i dea

i dont think i have ever seen that before :)


YESS!! I LOVE ZOMBIES!!! This is awesome! I lurve it!


heheh cute. funny. A little creepy. But still cute.


i think its horrible


ewwwww....would'nt zombie girl like a warthog or a bowling ball ?


Best thing I've seen on this site in a long time.

Emo bitches need to die.


agreed with most.
1. amazing
2. emo bitches need to die
3. i love this
4. zombies are ace

why would you grade 400 people's submissions and have an average score of .000000006? i mean?
JD84, why don't you post some stuff?

but no,
you know what they say?
artists make art,
and stick in the muds eat dirt.

.....what in the world does that mean^?


frikin awesome design. kudo!


nice T. it's got a wierd 50's style to it 5 cash money to you.

kt REX

i LOOOVE this. on the blueish color, a definate buy.

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