• by PeteyPie
  • posted Jul 27, 2005

Why not combine something so inherently retro and cool like the tape with the modern day fashion equivalent?

The fusion of old and new, digital meets analogue.

Digilogue. L0l.

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Lovin it!

I am an avid hater of the iPod, long live analogue!

I give you a $5 sir. Top notch.



very nice, ive just never been a fan of shirts that have there logo positioned the way yours it. the pic would make an awesome wallpaper though :)



dude, i would totally buy a cassete player like that.

Knock Out Ned

WOW I VERY MUCH LOVE THIS,not only is it clever,its great design,i want one right now,GREAT work,555555555555


ahhhhhhhh coolest shirt ever!! i would sooooo buy this shirt...5.


damm im totally feeling thiss 5 + $


I know many anti-ipod fans who would love this.

I would buy it too.

what great commentary on pop culture.

Daniel James Diggle

That is the:
Mutts Nutts
Badgers Nadgers
Bee's Kness
all meaning that your design is fukin top quality!


id actually buy a cassette player that looks like an ipod, that would be rad. but i dont think id buy this tee, 3 or 4


i wouldnt wanna walk around with an ipod on my shirt. i dont even own one.
cool design thou


i love the idea and the style but something about the two extra cassettes bugs me. i was going to suggest taking them out and leaving just the ipod-walkman but then it'd be a little hard to tell what the walkman part of it was.

oh, and i'd add the buttons on the side of the ipod/walkman thing (the play/stop/rewind/forward push-down plastic buttons) but that's just me.


Wow, that's amazing. 5, I'd buy it.


excellent, -eat that EuroTrash Ipod fans!


Thanks for comments, keep 'em coming!

In reply to amandaw, I was going to put the walkman buttons on the side but the ipod already has controls on the front and I guessed these would be used as the play/stop/rewind/fastforward if there ever was an ipod walkman! It would look sweet though, massive old skool buttons!


haha, yeah, i realized while i typed that the ipod has controls on it, but i figured it'd help people figure out what it is a little faster, and those massive old skool buttons are awesome anyway :D


i love iPods, i love tapes! It's a win win situation in my book :D And i like the placement and all! 5ity 5


like ipod commercials, but waaaay too overrated. awesome collaboration. $5

a boy on a string.

why all these ipod submissions. yeah, ipod is cool, i know. but why? there are hundreds of those...

though the idea is funny, but...


oh god, i dreaded the ipod hater backlash....here it comes...


I feel I must say, it's not a statement about how much I like/hate ipods, my feelings are irrelevant in this case - the t-shirt is a statement about technology, where portable music has originated from and where it has arrived at today, the former being the cassette walkman and the later being the mp3 player, the most obvious and recognisable choice being an ipod.

All comments still welcome though...Thanks!


the truth about ipods!!!
but too many off them..
and the mp3 tape has been done,
but... great drawing


yeah. I agree with the few of you that ipods on tee shirts is a little overdone and I don't really want an ipod on a tshirt, unless of course, apple made it. which in that case, I actually have 2. I love this design tho and I give it a $5--but buy it for someone else because I personally wouldn't wear it.


Very nice....


Wow, I'm at a loss for words. Big deff...


I think it's a great piece of work! Clean, crisp execution and a clever statement. Reminds me of when cassette tapes were new technology and the hysteria of home taping was killing the music industry.

Whether or not this gets printed, if you would like to submit this to http://badbuttons.com , I can guarantee you'll get accepted to the artist's runs series. (You get free buttons of your work!)


I might just do that! Thanks very much!


Man only on Threadless would people be complaining about how iPods aren't cool because there are "too many of them." Good lord.

Great shirt though.


Ha ha, Ive got an iPod, and its great, and so is this shirt... Wouldnt the iMuggers be gutted to take that instead of the bonefide pod? I like the little MP3 written on the tape, its a nice touch.


This shirt sends out different messages. Great shirt though!


If there was a 3rd gen. iPod version I would basically be forced to buy it. Nice work.


Hmm actually on that note, you could make it a 3rd generation version, and have the buttons stick out, like the huge old school buttons that were mentioned earlier. Replace "menu" with "stop" or something. Sorry about the double post, idea just occured to me.


very clever.
i like the idea of old/new technology combined together.

abstract spazz

I love this one. -sigh-
"This is the first song for your mixtape, and it's short just like your temper. But somewhat golden like the afternoons we used to spend before you got too cool." - Mixtape by Brand New.

I wish I was good like that. 5


I would buy that shirt in a jiffy, I really think this should be printed.


So cool!


Haha i love it. Im probably the only one out of my friends who doesn't have a ipod or want one. That'll show them =)


YEah, I gotta give this a 5 and buy. Might even start listening to tapes again because of this. that, and I don;t like Ipods.

5, Buy, and demand for printage!

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