Evolution of Sound

I know, I know theres no 8 Track. Tell me what you think.

Watch this


Excellent concept.



i love how they're blended in together. 5


I like the design and the concept, but I'm not that moved by the font.


the font is HUGE...shrink it down, I'd like it then.

plastic taxi cab

I'll shrink the font down, maybe change the font.


yeah another cassette shirt-will they ever end?


Where is the MP3? lol
Nice design

plastic taxi cab

jd84, I do believe it's not "just another cassette shirt". Have you noticed theres a CD and a record on there too?


Just lose the words then it would be great.

There's no need to spell out the concept of the T-Shirt. It stands on its own. 5


Keep the text. These people hate text because then people understand what's going on and their shirt isn't cool anymore.

Regardless, good concept. My only gripe is that there's little to distinguish the LP and CD—without the text, there'd be little to indicate them being more than just circles. Unfortunately, I can think of nothing to suggest to help that.


The design seems to need the text, but that font is bad... in fact, most fonts are bad. Maybe something very small and plain? Curved around the edge of the record or CD?

White on black is kind of boring too.


i don't think this design needs the text. i think it would rank supreme without it. leaving the text removes all the thought from it and doesn't let people use their brains. i would want the design smaller as well. it would be nice to have more colour options too. although it's missing a lot of steps, it's very cool. fix some things and i'd buy it. right now, a 4. :)


good concept, really ugly design.

do you know fokt?

Where's the 8 track?! What the hell?! I'm just kidding. I wish your font was different, but I really really like your idea.

oh astronaut

font is unnessicary. make it smaller and put it on the back up at the collar.


gasp i fuckin love this!!!! $5


i love the image and concept, but really don't like the text. it's pretty redundant.

plastic taxi cab

i can either get rid of the text or put it on the top on the back.....suggestions?


Ohh Sweet! Good job


Very, very cool design, but it's not exactly pretty, mostly because at first glance it just looks like a basic tape with some big circles on it. I guess there isn't much you could do to make it look more appealing without totally screwing up your design (though making it more colorful might help). Definitely keep the text, though - people tend to forget that the only reason they get the concept of shirts so fast is cause they get to read the title and/or text.


Needs more of a techy type and there should be more of an indication of evolving . It is too 2-D


wow! at 1st i didnt get it, but not i see the record, cassett, and cd... brilliant! though, if i were to say one thing, it would help get your point across faster if you made the record a bit bigger... it looks just like a little 8 inch...


love it except for the text. think it should have no text. let it make the statement without literally making the statement.


Love the shirt. Took me a while to get it at first. heh but change the font please?


thats so weird...i was thinking when i woke up this morening and the first thing i saw was cds i was thinking well how about i make a shirt that shows how evrything evolved into cd and this very same morning i see this !


This is a really smart design and I would buy it no problem. As for all the comments about the text and font I think that you should keep it but maybe just the word evolution would be better. Very nice tho.


checked out your site, i like it better in black and white.

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