Homo Superius

  • by travis76
  • posted Jul 27, 2005


anything is capable of being tweaked! -suggestions can still help change a design before printing!

things to consider are:

-the ground shadow as demonstrated is optioanal

-the grafitti can be altered

-the highlight on the obelisk (though helpful) can be removed

-shirt position

thianks alot! remember, this is for the NY semipermanent competition!

Watch this
loglow profile pic Alumni

centered on green and a little smaller = $5


awesome. khaki is superior. $$$$5 . imkinda like he bottom corner best

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i like it bottom corner too and without the ground shadow


i say, have a shadow on the ground, but it shouldn't be oval shaped. the shadow is coming from the big rectangle thing, so the shadow should have straight edges.


I'd say put the title somewhere on it, it makes it funnier...

Moss profile pic Alumni


Amazingly, I think it looks best on heather.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

thanks moss! your opinion is golden....
yeh, i'm liking heather too...but any muted grey/denim/tan will do...
i just don't want to face the heather hater brigade afterwards!

loglow profile pic Alumni

Damn bloody shame.

Manos profile pic Alumni

Really like the idea using Stranley Kubrick's monolith.
Why did this got scored so low? I'm guessing not many people got the idea of the monolith. :/

Goodwork travis


I think this design should be resubmitted, one of the most original designs I have seen yet and I would happily buy it. I agree that the monolith probably went over most peoples heads.


yo SICK man SICK !!! thats a 5


This backs up my previous argument of mindless teeny boppers ruining this site. If this was up a few months back I swear this would have got at least a 3.something and possibly even printed!

Ava Adore

yeah this should not have got dropped. average score of tees are being so much lowered now.. compared to about 600 scores at the start of this year to get an avg of 3 or over.. whilst 1200 can have you under 2.5, becuase people are automatically scoring every single tee they see low and I just dont think its fair at all.
Ive seen some excellent tees that have got over 1000 scores but scored very low.
someting needs to change in how people score and not let them score 0 to everything.

i think this design was perfect for this comp.
nice work!.


awesome design, wish I'd seen it before so that I could have given it a 5


This is such a cool design. That's not fair that it didnt get putinto the full 7 days. So would have given this a 5.


hahah I love the idea of the monkey defacing the monolith. the shadow def should have been rectangular though.


Aw man I would've gotten this. And over half of your submissions. pouts


i would have given this a $5. Maybe change the tag? just a suggestion.


like the bottom corner, bit you should consider making the grafitti a little more detailed/colorful. i do enjoy this however.

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