There Was No Iceberg

kinda funny, but hard to tell its the titanic.

Watch this

I love it but the flag could use some improvement. Right now it reminds me more of a demented muppet than a skull. I'd definitely buy it if the flag was changed.


this is great but you need more colors and maybe make the titanic cleaner in order to make it instantly recognizable.


Great idea! Resubmit with the changes suggested above and it's a $5 :)


hey i really like the illustration

good job


I love the concept but it feels like you half assed it by just sketchin quick and scanning... still looks nice, but the potential of this idea has aboslutely no limit on how great it could be.


I agree with the person above, the sketch does need some working on.
Also: I really can't see how a pirate ship could've destroyed the Titanic.
:\<br /> Still a great idea. 4.


clean it and its sold.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

The illustration of the titanic needs some work & clean up, but the overall layout and concept are great.


great concept, clean up the lines on the titanic tho


I like the fact that the ship being the titanic is not to noticable considerign one of her sister ships went done the same way (the other was blown up supossable by germans all though proof of that is slightly sketchy) this puts a whole new spin on what happened.


I love it...just make it more apparent that that's the Titanic back there.


great one. i love it!


Knightspast, I assume that you are talking about the Lusitania which was sunk by the germans because they suspected that the americans were smuggling weapons to the british. When the wreck was explored there were in fact weapons.


I think you should put the title in there as text.


actually it was an iceberg


I love the concept and the roughness of it. I wouldn't clean it up a bit, except for on the flag. Otherwise, I would buy it in a second.

digital oblivion

I knew it was the Titanic right away.
Nice job :)


Fix up the skull and change the way you've done the water and those no way I wouldn't get it. Awesome, awesome concept.


Awesome job but as said above, it needs some cleaning up/the flag sucks


I really like this design. If you wanted me to print it for you i would..i print shirt for people on Threadless sometimes.....anyways get at me if youre serious about this tshirt thing i think i could help you.


I love it! I would definitely buy it if the titanic looked a little more like the titanic. Nice


oh wow, this is fantastic. the colors are awesome, and the drawing is crazy cool!!


fix up the second ship so it is more identifiable as the titanic, and fix the skull on the pirate flag (please).
Very nice design though, 5$

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if you added the words titanic on the back of the boat, it would be easier to reconize it. and fix the skull on the flag. right now it looks like cookie monsters skull....

good job. 5


I like the "sketchy" appearance of the drawing. However, I must second the commenters who suggested identifying the Titanic more clearly.

Nice job.

hi-fi gods

man oh man, i really like this.

it looks like someone ripped out a doodle off of a legal pad.




needs some work but it has great potential


sketchy, cool. I like it.


I think it's fine, (yes, the flag is a bit warped...) but I could definitely tell it was the Titanic. Knightspast, it was the Britannic that was torpedoed, but the Olympic survived, and has been converted into a museum. Unfortunately, the Britannic is in many pieces, and they have no idea who fired on it.

I've no idea whether the Lusitania was made by White Star, but there were only thrww 'sister ships' two of which sank.

Good design, I like the sketchy look. though if you wanted to get technical, I'd say the last two funnels were too far apart, and the last too close to the stern.

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