Forever Can Wait

  • by DrewCrew
  • posted Jul 25, 2005

Real Indie... The Solace??? yeah i think so :-) real chill... I like the Tan one!

Watch this

Cool graphics. I think I like the blue.


The small images look like someone pants down ass up bent over a sofa. Think about this shirt from across the room, and the questions it will raise. It would amuse me, but probably not everyone who might wear it. Maybe make the shirt white, or at least less pink?


I think you just have a little something, something on your mind.. a dude, assed up, on a couch. mmmmmm


hey hey, its jesse lacey.


i'm glad someone else noticed it was from their old site. if you put it on a black shirt and got credit from the photographer/permission to put the name of the band, etc, i'd buy it though.


but its not copyrighten if its a drawing of the picture, its an artist rendition, but thats besides the point, its the same as using the likeness of a character... better not use batman, et, star wars or any of that, this is simply looking at a picture and drawing it freehand and charging some stuff...


hmmm...i don't want to pretend that i'm not sketchy on copyright laws. i'll read up on it a bit tonight, but either way, get permission for that to be used as a band shirt and i'm in.

jinx4848 took me about 3 minutes to figure out what the figure was sitting on the sofa


yeah, that IS jesse lacey isn't it


i would buy this shirt simply because my first thought was OMG BRAND NEW. AND THATS JESSE. I'D DO HIM. good character choice (: sexy shirt!


haha, you made a tshirt of a naked man bent over a couch.

a boy on a string.

i like it a lot, would buy it if the design would be a bit smaller...

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