Urban Fish

Hmm, it would make more sense with a city skyline in the bowl, rather than a castle. Also, it would be better on a turquoise or light blue shirt.

Watch this

Leave the shirt color, change the skyline, and lose the text.


The fish is not Urban cos a castle, the fish is urban cos it is not swiming in da bloody river, it is swiming in da glass bowl in da house baby!


Nice, simple and eye catching - just what a t-shirt should be

mad cat

no text


Sorry for that kind of spiking english language, I just feel like that in that moment. I would act same if you try to speak Serbian in some strange way. Sorry agian. Cheers! By the way, NAJGORI - means THE WORST on Seriban languge.


I really like this design. If you wanted me to print it for you i would..i print shirt for people on Threadless sometimes.....anyways get at me if youre serious about this tshirt thing i think i could help you.


i would like it on a different color. $4


Thanks, this is not thre only color that I meant to print the tee, but in that moment I just in some strange mod, so that is the reason you are looking on this coolor combination :) Thanks for your vots, does any body know how much points do I need ?


i don't like the text

Daniel James Diggle

i like ...but then it does jus look too much like a company or brand logo t-shirt, and not an individual designed shirt.
Still top quality though


I like the design a lot, and I understand the "message" it's saying. However, I would be more inclined to buy it if it were actually a city skyline in the bowl, and without the text. But still, a 4.


Definitely needs more colour. Like the design a lot though


love the expression of the fish, and the bowl, again, not so much the text.

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