bleedy ears

dont you mean bloody? but i like the text and everything, but the blood is a little extreme for me.

Watch this

yeah..well it was kinda like bleeding/bloody...I just made it Bleedy! I stupid! :D


the text needs to be improved. great image, however.


oh those are earphones.....ever see those showers that have the removable massage type heads? so i saw this and thought of someone singing in the shower then thought 'why is there blood comign out of the shower head?'

actually prettty cool. work on the text more.


i think the text would look nice if it were the same color of the headphones.


thanx guys! bout the text, I know its all wonky, but thats just the way I wanted it to be...haha ah well....better luck next time! :D


This made my throw up in my mouth a little bit. You grossed me out, good work! 5!


this looks more like the typical "the used" submission


yeah, the shout out louds aren't that much of a hardcore band to involve blood.


I know they arent hardcore! hahaha
Its just that they are calle d SHOUT OUT shouted a bit too hard! haha.....I stupid like that...

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its ok. i like it a lot. even with the wonky text, it gives it some real flava.

as stars burn

hmm, the headphones(?) look like shower heads, and the font needs a little help.


Oh, Those are headphones? I seriously thought it was a shower head o_O

I like the design but the text is difficult to read and out of place in my opinion.


Very nice. Didn't look like shower heads to me o_O



how does this relate to The Comeback :(

anyways nice design


dude... i'm tryin so hard to figure out what that says...


oh... i got it.
i dig the design. im not into the blood much. still, its better then i could do.

did you sketch them?


thnx guys!

Yeah I made a gigital photo and sketched em! :D thanx for teh interest!


very nice... one of the best at this contest!


eew i cant believe their music made your ears bleed.
i like the shout out louds!

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