spin cycle

  • by Malsi
  • posted Jul 24, 2005

Hope you enjoy!

Watch this
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You need to make it more apparent that this woman doing the laundry is supposed to be playing with the washer/dryer as a turntable.

Or maybe that isn't going on, and I'm crazy.

It needs to be more apparent.


dood. the tonearm. THE TONEARM!!!


i agree that its hard to understand without knowing the title-- simply putting the text "spin cycle" would do the trick, maybe a record-looking top to the washer or something.

rockin idea! wikka-wikka erit erit hahaha


Wow, I didn't get it at all. I don't think having "spin cycle" on there would have helped.
Wikka-wikka might have.


haha, yeah spin cycle was on the original design, not in that font of course, but i decided maybe you guys would get it without the type. any comments on colors? design? style? size? anything else would be appreciated.


i think its awesome. i want one.


malsi, you rock.


I know you purposely made it look quick and sketchy but I would prefer that the arms looked a little more finished, especially the hand onthe washer.Nifty idea though.


Well took you long enough to finally use the idea kid. The washer looks kinda stretched out to me.

You know maybe it would get the idea across better if you had a washer and dryer side by side. Right now it almost looks like she is petting the washer. Might want to try the lady in a more dj-esce stance.

Nice can't do hands aesthetic...but I wouldn't mind the arms to be cleaner looking more like the leags.


Def bump up the detail on the appliance.

I suggest making it look more retro to suit her style - just give it fatter lines & more bulk. More curvalinear than boxy.

But I love it. I'm a vinylwhore so there ya go.


took me a while 2 get it but gosh, this is really funny! nice 5$


As i was browsing the submissions i noticed this design. This is hands down the best t-shirt idea I have seen. I would definately buy this design. It is immensly clever, keep it up Malsi. I'll be waiting for your next idea!


Sorry but it looks like washing machine advert to me. Send more..


And average scores you’ve give to others are so low


I didn't get it after a while...you need to make it more obvious.


if you added the text, it would be better...


it's ok... but rather overused. i'd give it a $3 just because it's a nice graphic.


this looks like a little girl drew this


it needs to be more obvious = 5$


oh and move it up a little on the shirt


DJs are not what I ususally think of when I think about why some women enjoy the spin cycle. VJs, yes, but not DJs


I was thinking the same thing-- makruege.

Maybe she should just be sitting on top of the washing machine.


I wasn't sure if I should post my dirty thoughts. I thought she was petting the washer because it was her lover...


It took me all of 3 seconds to figure it out... the last thing we need here is another 'obvious' design. That said, the washer looks a little too tall and overly sketchy. Also it looks like your perspective is a touch off which might contribute to the washer looking a little weird.


Good concept, bad execution. 2.


smaller and not gray and i'm there!


Can you clean up the lines a bit? I think it would look better if it was done in a real clean style like the artwork of the '50s and '60s. Also, no need for words, but it does need to be a little more clear...Beside the perspective change, you could also give it a moving perspective or give the knobs on the machine more of a turntable look.

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