she's in love with what's dead

It has a deeper meaning. Trust me. You just might have to look for it for once in your life.

It was hand drawn for the In Love and Death contest. So don't tell me that death is overdone when it's for a contest revolving around death.

Bigger image here:


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kevindujour profile pic Alumni

I really don't understand how hand drawn graphite shading is going to be screen printed...


I don't know how it'll be printed either, but this is insanely creative anyway. It's a very well done drawing and underlying meaning is incredible. At least it is how I interpret it, but I'm sure it can be understood to mean several different things.





My torso must know this shirt, now.

clojita profile pic Alumni

Yea I was trying to figure out how they could print this also.

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

It's a halftone image with 4 basic shades. You can see that in the larger version.






they should be able to print it fine. in fact...
forget the 7 days. print it now!



i've fallen deeply inlove with this shirt.
print. print. print.
i'll buy one in each color.



col. clap out loud.
you deserve an apploud for finally making a the used loves threadless shirt worth printing.
well done.
5 and i'd buy from me.


I like this shirt. I cant exactly point out what, but wow, its so cool. and ps- I like it in the bottom corner better than in the center of the shirt.


Each color has to be it's own seperate layer, though. Remember that. It's near impossible to do if it's a scanned-in image.

I do like the drawing though. Pretty creative.


stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

PATRICKwMORGAN - Let's not worry about that now. I'll somehow miraculously pull it off if it is chosen.



lovelovelovelove it. PLEASE PRINT

twirling around

love it on black right where it is. this is my favorite of your used sub's.


This is actually the first thing i've liked from the Used contest. & even though I'm not a big fan of the used I'd buy it.

5 & $$


that guy had a big head :)
I likey


Pretty damm cool tee.


don't like


For once I really really like the bottom-corner placement. Great job.


I love all of your designs, stuckWithPins, but this definitely tops them all! 5$ 5$ 5$


This is an awsome shirt. you have skills


i think black is the only color for this.

clojita profile pic Alumni

One of the guidelines on the submission page is "no tiny halftones"



stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

Okay, well there was also another way I can do it too. But, please, just judge it on the design. Only threadless has to worry about how it will be printed.
This is if it does.



5 on black.


i love your style. after looking at your profile page, and all your submissions, this one included, i think you really need to be having prints made, frame them, and sell them somewhere... online, in local shops... or better yet, take some framed stuff to galleries and get a show. you're very good.. and only 14. amazing. do something with your art. i'll be right there at the front of the line when one of your designs is chosen for a tee, but your art deserves a much better showing than a t-shirt, imo.


This is brilliant.
I don't think there should be any problem printing this. And if there is, just simplify it a bit. Because this difinately must win.
No doubt, this is hands down the best Used submission yet.

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

The drawing is very nice, but I don't like the way it sits on a shirt. The bottom where it just sort of cuts off in an abrupt manner is not pleasing to the eye. Maybe some variation in print color would be nice as well.

Dark Visions

stuck with pins, I love all your work, and this is just another brilliant creation. The hand-drawn look is very refreshing from the usual digital stuff. I'd buy this in a second! $5!


this reminds me of this new movie by tim burton that's coming out except its the girl that's dead and not the boy

Miss Olivia

love it! 5 and i'd buy.


i think its pretty rad, i'd wear it fasho


I love this shirt so much. I hope it wins. crosses fingers for black tee design


Nice on bottom left. It's a beautiful image, and the meaning is great. I would buy it. I hope it wins. :)

Al Terego

ain't gonna happen captain. not eventhat great of a concept

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

Has most designs printed on threadless even had a concept?



No, that doesnt work, really try to do something new.


very good.



i dont understand how this got picked in the first place. youre not supposed to have tiny halftones.
you have too many colors.

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

Does everyone seriously have to tell me this over and over again? I'm aware that it's a halftone image. I stated it up above. I'm aware that you're not allowed to have halftone images.
But I don't think anyone but Threadless should be worrying about that. All that matters is that it's in the running right now whether you think that it should be or not. If you don't like that it got through, go work for Threadless and then you can deny as many of these types of designs as you want.
Please just score it on the DESIGN that got through.



haha i love this shirt i wud wear it everyday with just the shirt no pants or underwear!!!


yes i love this shirt very much.
i want one,

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