future thinking

  • by MissKniks
  • posted Jul 23, 2005

OK, so this is a little weird. An unhappy bald robot girl in socks and heels holding quite a destructive weapon.. but hey, this is how i see the future.

Watch this

She may be depressed, but she has great taste in shoes. :)


Girl holding a big gun......
i love it


queer but sexy!


sexy sexy sexy, this gal has great shoes and im loving the socks! very chic and i think very future thinking! a good job misskniks!!


hot chick and guns? what's not to love?



Brilliant piece of artwork that is inspiring. Gosh if i owned my own business, i'd make this the compulsory uniform. Sassy, cool and original, this item comes highly recommended!!!!

Daniel James Diggle

KINKY NERD..people keep your ears to the ground with this girl, I know her and she's got loads of potential as well as her current class.
Good luck with your designs Nikki!.x

Daniel James Diggle

But for a few bits of critique; the barcode should have fewer bars, made thicker, the text needs a tad less vertical stretching and maybee the gun design revised, no gun handle at present.
(dont hit me too hard for these comments girl!)


good illustration
good position
good job

tesko profile pic Alumni

Hey Nikki guess who? Like this although I'm giving ya a zero 'cos I've gotta squash the competiton. Peace 'aight!


Hey! We should be lovers not haters! we all need to support one another, right? If you like what you see, do the right thing. :-)


it kind of looks like the leg thats farther away is going around the pole, but the on the part of the thing shes sitting on it looks like theyre both in front of the pole thing


i like this concept very much, but in all honesty i feel that it lacks the detail it deserves, not sure if it matters, BUT, id shorten the barcode because it looks too stretched and add just a little more detail to her, other than that, great job! 4


hey, really appreciating the comments. are we aloud to resubmit designs if minor changes are made (after the 7 day trial that is)?


I don't care for the placement at all.

tesko profile pic Alumni

"We should be lovers" haha


This is like the best t shirt I've ever seen. Good work nikki, but i feel that ur getting too much credit????

tesko profile pic Alumni

"are we aloud to resubmit designs?"

Yeah we can re-sub designs up to three times. BTW thanks Nikki, you're the one who told me about threadless (ie. it's all your fault)

; )


I really like the blue and the grey--style and placement are quite happy.

But that color green always makes me think of institutional bathrooms, and that's just not a good thing.


Is it me? But, I don't think the gun adds anything to it. What if it were a simple pole?


a pole makes her a stripper and that not what we are going for. the design is good and so are the colors.

Daniel James Diggle

Hey mr.Tesko, i told Nikki about threadless, thus if she told you, I should get all the credit....dammd give me CREDIT! I WILL HAVE MY CREDIIIITTT!!!

tesko profile pic Alumni

I'll give you some clubcard points if you like


Hot robot chickies with big guns... AWESOME!!!


She's probably depressed because she's naked and she blew away her man, so she has no money to shop for new clothes with.


Why the harsh comments, take a chill pill people, credit where credts due!

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