Personal Buddha

  • by Barkon
  • posted Jul 23, 2005

haven't posted any work in a while. Had this illustration floating around. Here it is.

Watch this

The guy should have no face.


Even the way the person is walking conveys happy lightness.
Love the yellow, too.


Amitaba, indeed!

Dang. All this reminds me how I've been not sitting zazen as much as I should.


the concept is great
a more detailed buddha could be cool


my toothbrush is my personal buddha


HA! look at how happy that guy is! nice wotk, 4


you have buddha on a leash like a dog?
are you trying to be offensive or funny?


if you lost the lines underneath them it'd be neat
and I look un-wonderful in yellow
3, for me.


to the drewster:

I was very afraid that some might be offended. It is not my intention in the least; while not devout, I appreciate the teachings of he buddha and sit zazen irregularly.

I was aiming for funny. I thought that the loose lead, that both the buddha and the man having the same smiles, and the fact that the buddha was in front of the man would have offset any potential for offense.

If you find this shirt offensive, please post to let me know.


I don't find it offensive for religious reasons, but....
hmm I just don't really like it

do you know fokt?

I don't think it's offensive. I mean, don't the teachings of Buddha promote the development of a mind set and temperament that is very calm, open and tolerant? I mean, what if you had Jesus or Mohammed on leash? Mohammed isn't even supposed to be expressed through pictures, images, icons, etc. He is only expressed through his name being written out. So I guess there will be a good portion of people who aren't offended, don't care, or will tolerate it, and there are a few people who will take offense, but that's life.


I really love this, and I follow many of the teachings of Buddha.


i like the design.
but the lines can be removed .


good idea... too much of a drawn-on-computer look, though... i'd take out all the black outlines and just work w/ colors


cool design but not really well drawn


y is there a Anarchy thing on the guys tee??


Oh wow. I LOVE this. $5.


thanks for all the feedback. I'm reworking it very nearly right now.

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