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t-shirt color is subject to change upon a well argued request. thank you and enjoy!

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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

lose the white on the trees and the Yo bubbles. very wacky, I love it. maybe a solid dark brown house with only one window lit.


l love it, the head and eye monster at the top seem abit too distracting for me. Still a solid 4 now however.


you should make a shirt with just the bird and the gohst saying yo. that would be awsome. i would absolutely buy it.

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

I think the bottom character's "yo" balloon should go more to the bottom left to fill that negative space and balance the design a bit more. Right now it is a bit upper-right heavy.


I like this a lot, but any other color please. I'd even go with Creme or Natural.

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

New colors!

All the yellows greens and browns just don't look the best to me. The picture is top notch, though.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

yeah, I agree..but I must say that it is extremely difficult for me to mix in Threadless' tshirt colors into my pallette lately. Just ain't feelin them for some reason.


very cool. 4$


the "yo's" seem like a cop-out to me- the imagery is great but i'd spend as much time on the text as i did the design

d to the v

really love the shirt, just not on yellow. a yellow shirt is one i'll likely get assassinated in - that's assuming i am or will become a high ranking official. but yeah, yellow is just too bold. i'd wear it in a muted, pale-yellow/off-white.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

Tshirt color is not my favorite either. Luckily that can be changed if it is what do you think of the DESIGN???

invisibleelement profile pic Alumni

Love the illustration! Great style and character you got goin. I honestly like the pre-screen version colors better than this one. I think the yellow shirt is a little harsh, but that is just me. Does this have a backstory to it or is it just for the sake of randomness?

bombshield profile pic Alumni

yeah actually it does. I was messing around in my studio one nite (drunk) and I was making up all these stupid animal and mystical combonations like Owl Unicorns and Turtles with Titties, et al. Finally made something about it. And yeah, I liked it on the gray better too. Wish threadless had silver shirts.

invisibleelement profile pic Alumni

bomb -
I also like the additional work on your site.


ugh. Hate the color, love the picture.


Sureal but not suprising - design professional


I think this T-shirt is incredible!

Even though there is so much going on, the design is weighted well. There is an appropriate focal point with a balance occurring within the design.

And the color combination is what immediately draws me into the shirt. I don't think any other background color would assist in the push and pull of the two dimensional lines.

Again, amazing....


Well, when reviewing the alternative color schemes, I do have to say that I did enjoy the blue. Something was lost with the white.

And the "yo's" are so playful....they really help to add another important dimension to the design. I like the way they contrast with the expressions of the "characters". Without the text, something is lost for me.

But, I do have to say, still a nice design.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

thanks for the very thorough comment (sometimes considered a rarity).


I like the alternative color scheme, the grey is my favorite of the two. I also like the design better without the 'yo' bubbles, the illustration is strong and random enough to stand without text.

Nice job!


loose the typography and i'd buy it. hahahahahahahahahaha kidding. i love the alternate color schemes. i'd buy it dude (5)


I think it would look better on a shirt if it were not so long. I like it on all of the colors.


LEAVE THE YO'S... i think it's hysterical that there's these crazy creature-things and everyone expects them to be crazy and loud and scary, but instead of a roar, out comes a relaxed 'yo.'



id absolutely love this shirt if it wasnt yellow... or green. everyone does those. yuck


the colors remind me of a faded beer can.


that's sweet, you're good.


bombshield profile pic Alumni

Plan of action:
1. scale
2. colors
3.replace or remove yo's
4. resubmit.

Thanks for the comments and votes!


I love this shirt. But please, Keep the yo's and take away the yellow. Then its a buy!


Great, without the yo bubbles.


that's scary, because my spanish teacher is obsessed with"realismo magico" and drew a little drawing of it. and it looked like this. $5


keep the yo bubbles, just rework the yo's by hand. they look very dropped in. aside from that. $5

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