Winona Ryder stole my other tshirt

Attention, you are not a lawyer, this is not copyright breach, Threadless have been doing this for ages so don't pretend you know the law better than they do. In closing enjoy the tee.

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i like the shirt, but not really threadless style. more of a busted t's type shirt.


I would totally buy amd wear this! $5


funny, but not for threadless in my opinion. try marketing it somewhere else, it might get somewhere for real.


I think it's funny, it might be better if it just read "Winona stole my other t shirt" as opposed to "Winona Ryder stole my other t shirt".

clojita profile pic Alumni

This would be better like 3 years ago.


nice. wouldnt wear it tho


love winona...hate the text...i'd rather steal HER shirt...hehe

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I am printing this with or without threadless, so I don't really care a massive deal if they print it. Would be handy though.


Yeah, that's an awesome way to get it printed, banana.
I hope you're not planning on selling them, because unless you have permission from the people you signed a contract with just now - that be Threadless - you're breaching.


The "na" in Winona shouldn't be on her face. But other than that, love the shirt.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I haven't signed any contract, threadless don't get my intellectual property unless they decide they want to print it, and even then I get confirmation. But thanks for trying to be a lawyer, try again later.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

and yes the concept is a bit dated but people I know want them anyway.


Don't be so defensive. If you have a market for this shirt, take it there. Just accept the comments. You knew they were coming.


popculture 2 years late is soooo cool.
seriously now that we're bringing up celebrity mishaps, lets get a shirt for that clinton sex scandal thing. because you know. there definitely weren't enough for that.


werd. I still love wearing my Mike Tyson biting the ear tshirt
5 n' buy


i hate it when people bag out other artists and/or their designs and concepts. It's not very nice.
Anyway, I love it and I would buy it and wear it. Good work.
5 n buy.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

meh i dont care if they bag it out, they bag everything out. Some people are just born whiners.

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

pff..."just born winners"


Nice graphics, nice idea, but it hardly belongs on Threadless. Take something like this elsewhere. It's not an origional design, and Threadless is all about origional designs. If it were somewhere else I'd definately buy it.


i give it a 3 but it really wou;d have been better 3 years ago

lee klein

I like it

If the democrats were to retake the hous they would probably have to go through Coldwell Banker. Other people hwo might retake things which rhyme with house...

1. If Jim and Tammy Faye Baker Messner got back together they would retake the spouse

2. If Sunny Von Bulow were to rise from the dead she might retake the Claus

3. And finally if Winona Ryder were to wake up to find her conviction overturned- She would retake the blouse.

lee klein

What happened to Winona as the Shop Girl in the film adaptation of Steve Martin's "Shop Girl"? Anyone know

lee klein

I already know what my epitaph will be ... "May not have been Winona Ryder certainly was a double-Decker bus rider".


I'm with andrewbouchie and secretly robots.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni
  1. build time machine
  2. repost comment when it was original

    so there =P


bananaphone profile pic Alumni

oh right, because people go upto other people in the street and go "I heard a real good one hte other day, ok... so... winona ryder stole my tshirt"

haha classic!

ummm no. Maybe you need to find yourself something better to do by the looks of your average vote, swankywanker.


I didn't realize this was based on an actual incident. i think it'd be funnier if it weren't.

lee klein

where we you gemini on th eother side of your personality


I <3 this shirt...but I agree, it would have been a better seller during the time of the trial and when this was a more conversed topic. I still like it, though!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

looks a bit like halle berry

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

yeah i see some resemblance, but only the same amount of resemblance as they both do in real life. Never noticed really.

heart at war

just old news...
eh i dunno, im not feeling it


Who cares if it happened a few years ago? I think it's brilliant.


there's a high chance that this will get printed in the future; a cookie told me so.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

heh i doubt it, well not by threadless anyway =P

And yeah it is a bit old, the truth is though 500 US in prizes wasn't enough to interest me in the slightest as far as handing over intellectual property to threadless. 1000 US though gets me just over the fence, so I've been sitting on alot of ideas a long time.

I'll be adding more "timeless" types soon =)


not gonna make it as a threadless tee, but i would SO wear this! winona is a goddess ^_^


Man, you'd steal from Neimen(or whatver) Marcus too!


unoriginal....this has been done before, even though it's a nice design

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

where has it been done before?

teddyboy profile pic Alumni

Winona Ryder!
Going inside her!


so bad :(


OMG, i want this so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! HILARIOUS!

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