Model (Identity Theft)

I like the colors and the way it flows

Watch this

she looks a little chubby....i think if you want to convey the message of 'identity theft' you should make her skinnier seeing that models are all pressured to be a certain size & shape.

just a suggestion.


I'll definetly b rockin this one too. I love the blank face and mystery look to it. Tight work Manuelito!


I really like the grey shirt.


hmm. i agree with rockemsockem. she really does look a little chubby, especially when trying to portray a model. also, i think that you should work on your anatomy a little. her arm especially and the the leg she's touching with it. it looks shorter and thicker compared to the other one.

just some ideas to think about.


i will agree that the leg she is touching is slightly more chubby than the rest of her body, but i would like to say that some models are chubby... so i think it's okay. it's a very cool design... i would almost like it better if your curvy lines were her leg. at first glance that's what i thought you had done. anyway, just my two cents. i like a lot!


I think it's funny that the first time I see someone portray a woman as anything less than "perfect" people are saying she should be skinnier. Not that I don't agree with them it's just funny is all.


I like that she's chubby.

Purple + black + white = homigaw<3


it's actually better that she's chubby i don't want to wear a rail lol.. sry no offense to any skinny skinny ppl but, i do like the idea and the face is classic!! definately would buy + a 5!


that's really awesome, i love the way you illustrated the woman, it's just as perfect as nature intends, i dont know what other people are saying about models who must be stick thin but anyway, good job, i love the black.


I'd wear the black everyday


this has nothing to do with chubbiness, but her right leg doesn't exactly seem... anatomically correct...


i agree she's a bit to chubby to be a model and the leg is kinda weird, but if you work on those you'll have a wonderful design


great design....dont get the message, though. (not that it needs one)


she looks like a fat white prostitute surrounded by black gangsta symbols. why would someone buy this


i dunno why someone would buy this either...but if you think that is're retarded


I'd be rubbing my ankle too if it was that swollen!
Fix everything, lazy ass.


I agree that her leg is too short, but what comes to mind is less "chubby" and more "realistic."

x3guns go bammx3

i love that you did
her a little chunky.
im hate how everyone
is saying she needs
to be skinner.
i love this shirt. and i'd
buy it in a heart beat.



add a cute face and its perfect!!!


i dont like it
but if you think shes fat, then its people like you who make girls stick there fingers down there throat and not eat!

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