Bar Trekkin'

  • by Webbins
  • posted Jul 18, 2005

Can I have a 5th colour please? (green bottles)

Watch this
man835 profile pic Alumni

wow, i love this. great job.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like it with the 4 color bottles version. No need for the 5th color to add green.


I really like the design, but I can't look past how much I hate star trek to enjoy this shirt. still gets a 4 from me




suhWEET!!! 5 colors aren't necessary but it's a $5 either way

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

yeah!that's irony and style!
love it


4 colors is fine, but it's kinda wierd how the bottles match their shirts ... Still awesome though

secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Alumni

yeah i thought of the wiggles before i saw the spock, but thats only cause i have a 2 year old sister who watches that damn show constantly.


it bothers me that kirk is a red shirt since he in fact wore yellow.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

4 colors one is great. Haha, this is so awesome. $5

Reminds me of Glennz.


Even in 4 color, you should make the bottles the same color. Maybe you already tried that though.


YUS! thats what im talkin about

$5 x 23490673490


Love it, though stick with the 4 colour




This is only the second sumbission to every make me laugh out loud. I am still laughing at this. Pure genius. Great appropriation. It could be worn if you love Trek or if you hate it. 5$

hahah that's so clever. 4 colors is max though right?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

that's classic, definitely a buy.

now for my input...

maybe lose the bottle in kirk's hand and make the other two bottle black with red highlights... hmmm actually then you could keep the bottle for kirk and use a red outline with highlights, black fill.

also lose the cheek shadows on spock, they reflect the eyebrows too much, you don't need them.

that's my 2 cents, and I'll tell myself to fok off now.


I like the four color and the five color, but I think that if four color wins out, the bottles should NOT match the shirts. Blue-shirted Star Trek men should not be carrying blue booze bottles.


This shirt is certainly eye-catching and unique and i deteste stare trek.I dont like this design on a red shirt; maybe a shade of grey and why not try to mix the bottles up so that they don't match their hohlder's hands. (The four colors remind me of the original LEGOS colors.) I think its a 4


wiggles! haha my sis watches this show....i like the 5 color....awesome


haha. I hate star trek but this is hilarious. And since Jackie2008 called them Wiggles it just made me think of how Star Trek's character's do remind me a lot of those scary Wiggles.....

4 :)


great shirt! do something about the bottles, like not matching the shirts, or all black (with white out line for red shirt) or something 4$


awesome, no need for 5th color.


This is almost as good as a crazy-eyed Sulu shirt I saw once.


I love it. I would like to know if it comes from a picture or if you did the drawing. Anyway you're getting my 5. Cheers .


$5! Use the 4 color version for sure


tis better with four colors than five
great shirt!


Fantastic design! I agree that the bottles shouldn't match their shirts though, it blends in a little too much.


it took me a moment to realize that they weren't holding bottles of ketchup and mustard.


man. I am so sorry that this isn't being printed. Not enough nerds on Threadless?

lt uhura

yes!!! finally a star trekesque shirt , you know i will buy this!

olie! profile pic Alumni

you don't even need to look at the bottle to know spock was the one who drank all the romulan ale

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Kinda crazy that webbins never got a print, actually ridiculous... it can't be. His last submission, Kraftwerk, is amazing.

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