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  • by HeyMang
  • posted Jul 15, 2005

No need for copywrite issues, its all sorted out.

I was on google and came across the original design. I decided to remake it with flash.

Special thanks to for the original design.

Comment Please!

Watch this

The white outline around the boy needs cleaning up.


could there be a bit of color either on the sticks or on the pops so as to make them stand out from a) background, b) boy, a bit more?

travis76 profile pic Alumni

yay! antique ad clip art!


why don't i take a monet painting and redo it in flash too.


gosh i dont understand why people are so rude. cough cough

you guys suck. i like this design!


if things couldnt get any lamer. this isnt even worth a 0


yeah...that's pretty sad dude

travis76 profile pic Alumni

it's beaten the 1.5 rule.



seriously it doesnt even look like you re did the image
looks straight copy pasted
sorry man try a little bit harder next time

twirling around

you could have at least tried to make this design "yours" in someway by changing something around, or adding something to it - COME ON!! just think how boring this site would be if we all used someone elses ideas exactly as they were. can't possibly be proud of this - can you??


geeze...i just liked the design. i saw it on google and thought, hey thatd look good on a shirt. no, im not taking any credit whatsoever when it comes to 'original design.' i even told steve, the guy who owns, that id give him the prize, but he didnt want it. its not like he made the design either, its just a photo of some old popsicle ad.

and no, i didnt copy and paste the image. i re-did everything. except the orange thats in the original picture. it really didnt look like an orange when i did it, so i just took it out. sorry to offend you guys with a cool image. didnt think itd make you complain.

plleeaasee leave something constructive next time. id really like to get into design more and hearing these comments doesnt really help me. thanks if you're trying to leave something constructive though. maybe i'm just reading it wrong...?

bortwein profile pic Alumni

when I look at this image I don't see "Re-did everything" I see "The Flash Function: Trace Bitmap Image."

My Constructive Comment for you is this: ... "Don't Just Go Out and Re-Do Someone Elses Art, Go Out and Make Your Own." ... "If you see an image and are inspired by it, let it be just that Inspired By It, not just a copy of the Art."

There are illustrators here that work their butt off creating new and interesting works of art for the shirts and I find what you have presented here as a slap to their faces. Do you think artists here like travis76, Glennz, Mr. Rocks, and the many other talented illustrators just went out found an image then copied the art from someone else? I say No, they created it from pure talent.

Respectfully, if I was you I would request that the design be removed from the running and save face.

For those of you reading this that don't understand, look here:


you can always, make a mock version of this image, now that you have it vectorized. swap the popsicles for WW2 granades, change the text on the sign and the book, replace the eye shapes with something else (at least X's). again, it depends on what your conceptual idea would be, if you were to attempt it.

i personally find that visual concepts come to me only when i get emotionally involved with a subject or issue. to get there, i have to do something not directly related to Design or Illustration -- read anything on any subject (especially one that really interests you). you can be as abstract as you want, it's your piece.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

I can only crit you on what you've done yourself.

Nice placement of the art on the shirt. Centered in the middle of the chest is very good for this design. It's a good size, too, and you've chosen very good colors for the shirts to complement the design's colors. The design of the presentation is pretty weak, though. Putting the big image on the left works, but it's too low in the window. The four tees are staggered in some odd combination that doesn't flow very well and there doesn't seem to be a reason for the tan one to be cropped off like that. I'm not certain what the five colored boxes are supposed to be, even though I recognize them as alternate shirt colors. They throw off the overall color palette of the presentation. The dark grey background is flat and, well nuetral. It has a little warmth to is, so it complements the color scheme of the design and shirts. All in all, though, a weak use of the space to present the design.

Now go do your own work, present it better, and maybe you too can consider yourself a designer.


l agree with everything Bortwein has said, its even lame that Threadless even passed this in the first place.


You get an 'F' - I hope it didn't take you long. Now go back and do another so your grade can be saved. We will give you another chance - make it worth your while.


the thing is he's mentioned that he took time to 'remake' this, however, all signs indicate he used Live Trace in Illustrator or Trace Bitmap in Flash. Then he makes it even worse with that white thick outline.

The problem with many people have is this idea isn't his, hell the picture isn't his own. He hasn't even attempted to redesign, make it look nice or anything. People work hard for their submission, this smacks of utter contempt and arrogance to people who do try.


I think you could have done a lot better man. Kill the popsicle kid. Show us what you do.


deffinitely has popsicle spelled 2 different ways...


hmm..well thanks for the critisizm and respect. i didnt even know about that 'trace bitmap'thing, so i guess that could help me out too. i just wanted to give this one image a chance. thanks for the tips though.


It wasn't original last time. It's not original this time. And from your own comments, I need to tell you that whether it appears on another person's site or not, if they didn't make the original and/or purchase the licensing rights from the creator then <i>it's not theirs</i>. In other words, if this guy Steve doesn't 100% own this artwork, then it is NOT HIS TO GIVE AWAY. Legally, it's still theft, and morally it always is.

Please go to , or do a search on any web engine for copyright laws. Read a LOT. Absorb the information. Then apply it. Don't waste your time or ours "remaking" someone else's work. Make your own work! Have some confidence in your abilities and make something unique.

It's really disappointing to me to see that anyone has the arrogance to submit a drawing made by someone else and think they deserve money and glory for it. It's pathetic.


haha talent, your funny.


umm.... this isnt a website for fine art....if u like how the shirt looks... you rate it high... if u dont like how it looks... you rate it low... you dont judge people on how original or creative they are... and the white around it seems intended... sometimes a sloppy look is whats intended. lighten up dickweeds

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finklestein3000: The issue here is not that of Fine Art vs T-Shirts. It is all about copyright infringement and stealing. Did you not read all the comments above? And did you not see this shirt the last time it was posted?


You're so fucking lame. Plagiarism is not cool, and even if you did make that design it sucks ass.


what a shame…
don't steal design from others…
try to do your own… and you'll be better…

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