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oh i lovelovelove it! the placement on the blue one is perfect, but i like the peach shade.

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I really like the top half of the girls face, but I don't know if I like the bottom eyes...the peach color is nice.


keep the placement on the blue one, on all the colors.

could this be printed on a grey color? not the normal light heather grey, but a medium-darkish one? i would absolutely love that.

i'm ambivalent on the bottom eyes. it balances the design nicely but the fact that it's another pair of eyes just floating there is kind of... creepy.

anyway, regardless of any changes or keeping it the same (with the placement on the upper corner like you have it) i would want to buy this one too. awesome.


um, it looks like it's for bukkake fans.


My thoughts exactly matildaben,



Cool design, I would wear the blue one for sure!


i LOVE this.
i'd buy this.


I'm with ben and sue on this one


Yup, defanily bukkake.
Not that theres anything wrong with that...wait, yes there is. :)
The eyes are pretty though


i love the blue one. =)


bottom left shirt's placement is better because on the blue one, if you have boobs the image will get effed up. and lots of people have boobs.

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Real nice, but to my perverted mind it looks like a money shot.


Haha I hadn't thought of that. No wonder..I like each of the elements but not their placement in relation to each other.


definately an innuendo going on here... she looks like she just got done being a ummm... bad girl, or good depending on whether or not you're a bad guy.


blue color and placement is my favorite. very pretty.

tunastar profile pic Alumni

Can someone get my mind?
it's in the gutter.


I love the placement and color of the peach shirt

miss elizabeth

I totally loved this shirt until I heard the "money shot" thing. Now its ruined. Thanks alot guys


Are those Natalie Portman's eyes?


SPLOOGE FACE!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


miss elizabeth, isn't it better that you heard it now rather than have bought it and THEN had someone say something?

I agree, it does look like bukkake. Icky. gag


its a cum shot gone wild, but i love this cum shot, cool design, id buy


I was going to say bird shit, but cum shot is more hilarious.


Definitely had to look up the word "bukkake"...wish I hadn't! This was...the shirt I've been waiting for until you all said that. I'm still giving it a 5$

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