• by razy
  • posted Jul 15, 2005

I just love the word" tourist": no other word that is written or spelled that similar in so many countries of the world – and outside! Remember, New York, not every tourist buys just postcards (yummy!)!

Please feel free to leave your critics!

Thank you!

Watch this
Palm Tree

i really like the drawing and the font.

i'd kinda like to see a few of the stars with small shadows.

loglow profile pic Alumni

very odd.

I really like this


I don't really like it. The design doesn't appeal to the eye?

Luke... profile pic Alumni

is the face mask/helmet broken...?
i like it, but it is a bit confusing....
but i still like it...


Looks good!!!!!!
Except i hate yellow.


this is the first time ive ever said this... here it goes... lose the text. i love this design and i think it would be absolutely perfect without the text. i do like the text, dont get me wrong, but it just doesnt fit this design. it's so large it draws attention away from the awesome piece above it. good work.


@ Luke: the helmet isn´t broken. This hungry alien tourist is just able to breathe in space (= no need for a helmet, except for its six eyes´ protection) - and needs to open his mouth from time to time and planet to planet > so it´s just a practical thing ...

the font is extra designed for this motive and i think it´s neccessary to complete the idea of the shirt. Could be a little bit smaller though ...

i don´t like yellow too much as well, but the contrast was important to me. Could be also red, white, green etc. :-) anyway, that color thing was never a question i´m thinking about too long, because all my designs do have at most 2 colors.




I like it!
( but not on yellow)
Of course it needs the text!
and I love the font
good job


you need the text to get the idea, and keep the font but make it a bit smaller. this should seriously get published because it actually is a really good graphic design with lots of little things like the globe being the face. NICE JOB i have no critics for once.


man, this is inspired

if this doesn't make the cut there is no justice in this world


oh man.. i love that one. :'D


I needed your explanation to finally realize the alien image. It looked just like a blob to me for a while. However, your design is very inspired, so if there's some way you could make it more specific, I'd be a big fan. And in any case I LOVE THE FONT. I would get a shirt with just that on it.


haha i like it

its an alien cause tourists are alienated, rright? and people living in that state/country feel that they are loser aliens.
i like this cause its not specific towards any state/country such as NY. its kind of personal.
and also a tourist could wear it, and be stylin ..5


your shirt is awesome and - of course!!!- the font/text fits the design. the thing is that most people (including me and - be honest! - including you) wouldn´t get the idea/wit of the shirt without the help of the text.

love the stars!

5 - no doubt!


Very smooth! 5


Enchantingly creepy, dont like yellow, text is a little Alba Matter... 5... good design


@ cedricpatrick: what is Alba Matter?? Sounds funny, never heard this before ... i´m not from the US, is this an american phrase?
Thanks for clarification!

And many thanks for all your comments/critics/comendations - i appreciate this a lot!
But again: don´t see the shirt´s color to be to important: for me it doesn´t matter at all what color the shirt would be as the design is one color only and for this reason it could fit to almost every color that is brighter than black.

Anway, have a nice day and best wishes from the other side of the planet!


The future is here!
Very nice!


I do love the design and font and such just I don't picture it in yellow sry!

Jade Love

its really cool but im really confused...whatever i love the design!


I like it!
not on yellow!

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