Cupid's Plane

I'm probably gonna get alot of grief over this, been done before, seen it all before, etcetra,

so shhhhhh

Watch this

you don't know the half of it.........

good luck with that

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sweet jee-
oh, i read your comment.
'care package' would have been a better title

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I'm just going through that myself...for the unspeakable crime of submitting a design of a soldier shooting hearts...maybe we can set up a support group!

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Ahhh...but there lies the paradox...someone needs to say something FIRST! Maybe you can come along grayehound & start us being such an original, groundbreaking thinker.


I really, really like this. Super idea! $5


I don't like being accused of plagarism, all design is an evolution of something done before, it's incredibly hard to create something incredibly unoriginal.


I completely agree about design being an evolution of other things. But the thing is that the concept itself needs to be a completely new vision using the those other ideas. On this site there are tons of hearts coming out of guns or heads, whatever. But if you can do something with that heart icon, never done before...then you will not get crap about being "another heart" t-shirt. Just my opinion. Like the art otherwise.


The propellers look like
they are not spinning.

Fl5 Cowboy

aha! i actually saw this on saturday!

not the t-shirt though. the real thing, kinda. they had a WW2 bomber flying over london, showering it with poppies. looks so uncannily like this.



helo, at 3:31pm on Jul 14, 2005
"The propellers look like
they are not spinning."

Looks like the left one is...


"helo, at 3:31pm on Jul 14, 2005
The propellers look like
they are not spinning."

I guess you could say its a moment frozen in time.


Is it me, or did it take you guys a minute to figure out the shape of the plane?


yeah, art evolves, but all you did was change a helicopter to an airplane...


" sassmuffin, at 5:13am on Jul 15, 2005
yeah, art evolves, but all you did was change a helicopter to an airplane...

what fucking helicopter?


I think a lot of people on threadless get bent out of shape by seeing a design or an idea that has been done before.

My leaning is to say get over it. Either it works or it doesn't. You can be harsher because it's been done before and that's fine but don't dismiss it purely because it's been done.

Having said that superficial changes to a design that has been done before is pretty pointless and I don't really think a whole lot of imagination went into this one. But I do like the plane.


yeah, im not going to comment on "war object dropping/firing hearts" genre.


<3 you cuz no1 else does. :)


I'd like to see a longer trail of hearts, which aren't so evenly distributed, and I'd think it be cool if the trail of hearts was wrapping around from the side of the t-shirt (with the plane in a lower left placement). Also to appease others maybe the hears could be something different - like deconstructed peace signs or something.


If those people that did this idea before didn't do it well enough, what's the problem with others trying to do it better..?


when the bus drives from wynard to the harbor bridge in sydney there is a cement wall thingy that supports an overpass and today i saw someone had spray painted basically this design just better. oh well


flippin awesome, definitely would buy it


more hippie propaghanda


i saw a soldire trowing hearts whit his gun or somethin like that is this his plane?
too mach war and hearts


the concept is nice… but the plane is not good enough to me…
Anyway, great job!

johnny twotone

Instead of hearts, you could try...


dripping clouds...


Just some ideas. :)


I think the hearts need to me more dispersed. They sort of make the shape of a turd...

Sickly Love

Heh. Turd.

It's BANKSY-esque but he's coo so whatevs


it's looks like a shirt by acrylick clothing called "love bombs". i'd post the url but they're updating their site right now.

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