I like the texture of the hands you have in the background, but is that reflected on the illustration on the shirt?

Watch this
Grr Stegosaurs.

I just don't think people would pay more then 2 dollars for this shirt. Sorry. Make it more like whoa and a different...?


I agree, make it more like whoa and a different...?

explain that to me, please.


make it bigger. not ginormous, but a little bit bigger.


that design that is in the lower right hand corner of the preview is awesome. i think it should be the main focus of the shirt and put the hand design on the sleeve or something


I agree that everything in the background is better than what you have on the shirt. I think you should take the elements in the bottom left or bottom right (maybe both?) of the preview and put them on the shirt instead.


i also prefer the hands in the background.


and i as well, but still good.


agreed, add the background crap to the shirt and its a $5

St. Justigo

If you mean for it to state a meaning and almost incapture a "hardcore" feel to it then i thinking you're not pushing forward all of the potetial of the meaning.


it looks small in comparison to the shirt. and does it have to be center?


It looks like you put more effort into the background of the submission than the shirt. Do you really need to let everyone know your a "rocker" though?

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