• by razy
  • posted Jul 12, 2005

Zoom Zoom Zoom! PLEASE!!!!!

Watch this

Despite my enthusiasm for your design , the colours seem a little too technicolour, and the t-shirt colour, a little plain. That and MTA New York might sue your ass. Still, I like.


that, and you only used 3 colors.
a fourth one wouldn´t hurt...


MTA probably does care a lot more about their copyright and trademarked images than they do their workers or getting our butts anywhere on time.


its just a subway map, traced... isnt that like saying you cant trace a map of streets?


plus i left alot of the subway out...


yeah but, like you said it is JUST a subway map traced.. i think you could do something a bit more creative with it.


thanks, i will work on it


looks great but its missing something. 4 and this is a kind of shirt i would wear.


i have a shower cutrian that looks like this (a freind of my bought me it for christmas)



& yea, it has the MTA trademark on it. you might want to check if where you got it from was trademarked. it probably was.

Luv the design, but you might run into copywright issues. check to see if you can use it.


my worry is that after several washes and the lines being as thin as they are, that the design may drop away. i really want to like it, maybe different shirt colors might help.

Graham Varney

I think for an out-of-town-er ( out of country, actually ) this would be good for me on a visit to where ever it is. Provided it was printed from navel to chin so I could pull the shirt out and have a look at where I need to go.

A few major stations would be good too.


I love subway illutrations


i thought this has been, i think it was london's underground. still. maybe i should do chicago's now.


reminds me of the subway maps
i like it
gives me the feeling of nyc


diferent color shirt would be sweet


I actually really like the crazy colors on this one;
a LOT;
but it's really thin :\


Love the lines, but definatly needs to be more creative, sayiing that as a tshirt i'd wear it, but doesn't really anser the brief.


the good news is, mta wouldnt sue you....they'd sue threadless if it got printed... personally, i think they have more pressing issues to worry about.

do you know fokt?

Yeah, there's no lawsuit happening. People are paranoid. But like you even said yourself: You just traced a map. You need to have some sort of personal take on it, something that makes it different and unique. Do you have an explanation, ideas or meaning behind it, or do you just like wayfinding? Right now I don't feel that it has any substance or anything to back it up.

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