i like it, but is it just me- or is that design off center?

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i like the idea, but id like the design better if some of the wave was coming out of another part of the speaker, instead having a dramatic drop of blue.

The Tommy GUN

wicked idea, maybe a little more revision, the bottom of the wave perhaps...

mad cat

good start! keep working it out!


but yeah..the bottom part of the wave could use some work


Yeah i think the bottom part is a bit too...straight. Makes it look a tiny bit too photochopped.

I love the concept =D Would make a great tee~


The wave is from a Japanese artist...Katsushika Hokusai. It's called: Big wave in front of the coast of Kanagawa... Made in 1823-1833

Soo it's not wrong to use a work of someone else... cause it's very hard to make a good wave... Better good stolen then bad drawn!

Ofcourse in photoshop it's a bit changed, but I recognized it right away! Hokusai is one of my favorite artists


It's not hokusai-ish, the outline is exactly the same


Hokusai's work is out of copyright, so the only issue with the borrowing / theft (depending on your viewpoint) is a moral and/or design one. There shouldn't be any legal implications.

Personally I think it's more homage than theft, but I think the design is too blocky to really work. I also dislike puns, which is the main component this design rests on. I also think the waves' wash should begin after the water ejects the speaker, rather than during.

It's a decent idea and an okay execution, but I'd want to see something more before giving this a 5+$ type rating.




bottom of the wave sticks out as neadding work.
neat idea, though


needs a puddle at the bottom of pic... ends too abuptly. otherwise, great idea and design.


the whole reason the hokusai work is spectacular is because of the attention to detail and the subtle, finger-like curves of the wave. those have all been lost in this "homage," and looks like the original has simply been hastily traced.


dude, it's a tshirt. how much detail do you want? i don't think the idea was to make a reprint of the original, i think the point was to allude to it. whether or not it looks exactly like the hokusai original shouldn't matter as much as whether or not the design of a hokusai-like wave rushing out of a speaker looks good on a shirt.

could it use a few improvements? sure. but i think it's a cool idea.

i mean, i could say that the mona prankster tshirt sucks because the mona lisa painting looks sloppy and not like the original but the point is not to recreate the original, so i would be really dumb. and anyway, any more detail and it would look sloppy when printed on a shirt.

lenaaa xp

cooooooooooooool. :] 5


Navy $5 and the bottom or the wave looks great chopped.


Awesome. Really well done... however, I do agree that the bottom of the wave should be fixed up somehow. The curve seems a little off. It seems like it should go back deeper so that the wave is hanging over more, and then it should slope down.


wave of shound shweet.


i don't like the speaker dosn't fit with the wave


cool idea but its lacking something

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Washing Machine(?)


oooohh, nice.


Hehe... I like the concept. $5


I don't like the way the wave hits the floor, it's getting on my nerves,
and I wish there were more color options.
Besides that, though, I like it.

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