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Way Back To Sirius

this is my first submission! i've worked from an artwork of mine and had some hard time to convert it to vectors and only 4 colors :) but i hope that you'll enjoy the result

Watch this

Argh! What's that zoomy thing doing? My eyes!

Anyway, i give it a 4, nice design even though i'm not entirely sure what it means...


Like the design, the zooming is making my tummy hurt!


this is so awesome $5 good work


for a weird reason I really like it, I dunno if it's the red on it or what

but I just like it, I also thought about doing some zoom with the flash but

you beat me to the punch :)


do you try another tee colors?
maybe gold?


great image and great placement
good colour scheme
all in all i'd buy it


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hmm i tried other colors but only khaki and natural looked good to me, but maybe i'll check again


Uhm, The Twlilight Zone ...??


I totally just spelled "Twilight" wrong.


I don't get it


I don't get it either, but it looks pretty hot. =D


this is the collest design i've seen on this site for the moment ,
i d'buy it for sure !!!


Look at you with your fancy-schmancy preview!
I like it though.
Wish you had lighter color schemes.


if you were high and looking at this design ...
just plain snazzy


Love the design, but not the shirt colors. Maybe a baby blue or a light orange would work better for me.


i really like the design, and i appreciate your use of flash for showing the colors. i'm not keen on the fact however, that you can't see his feet. he's like feetless. shoeless. ankleless. i wouldn't buy it now, but maybe if you work on the design a little bit and give him some feet and make the dots above his head less the same size that would rock! overall 4.


That is /bad ass/
This monkey be wantin' that shirt badly!


nifty beyond belief....I hope it gets printed.

El Aviador

I'm digging this...but I agree with the no feet comment. The placement of the stripe makes it look like his legs end very abruptly. The figure could use some work also. I've seen your work before..mostly photo collage right? I'd LOVE to see more submissions in the "vector" style. I like the concept on this...very twilight zone indeed whoever made that comment.


I really like the khaki version... $5!


I like how it was displayed.


I like it best on white--the color scheme is simple and well done.


J'aime beaucoup, j'aimais déja l'image dont c'est tiré donc forcément...
J'espère qu'il sera imprimé, je pourrais l'arborer fièrement aux réunions des adeptes de colin-maillard !


i like this but i have no idea what it means..
id buy it though.. haha


I actually really love the colors. A navy version might be neat, to better represent the night sky least that's what the dots remind me of....
Shit, dude, what's going on in your awesome design? Care to explain so I don't sound like a dufus?

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