• by KennyL
  • posted Jul 10, 2005

My first try at this. Turned out pretty messy... heh...

Watch this

nah its cool man, l like it.

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put er on brown or green and you got a deal. Yellow or natural...not so much. 4$

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I hate the "how to" designs. Hatehatehate. But this one is friggin awesome.

Just, not on yellow or natural. Put it on chocolate, and if I were you I'd make the design a cream-ish color with the land hand slightly lighter. But that's just my opinion.

5+$, hoping when/if this gets printed, the colors will get changed.

arremgee profile pic Alumni

Whoops. I meant last, not land. Dur hur :B

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5 just for the presentation. I need to learn me some flash.

what i am

yusssss!!!!!!! rock on!!!!!!!!! i love the horns baby!!!!!!!!


Holy nice flash presentation, batman!
I like the shirt, too.


This is so simple and genius. Great work man. Great.

mad cat

you can't put your ring finger down first.

no, go ahead, try it.

go ahead...

Change the order and you have something.


Um, Mad Cat I totaly just put my ring finger down... maybe you're just broken or something


love this b/c it also works as my alma mater's sign - the longhorn :)


I too can put my ring finger down first no problem.


If suddenly it became impossible to put one's ring finger down first, guitarists the world over would all simultaneously scream out in anguish, and then you'd be very sorry because the whole purpose of this shirt would be delayed six months while they adjusted.


I do wonder what people who know sign language think this says.


i am in love with this design print print print ill buy one 5+++++


very ncie flash and an alright tee


(from what I hear, the 'horns" gesture is Extremely Offensive in Italy. It means: your wife is cheating on you). ((this is what you learned today. lol))


I dunno if you intended it, but step 2 is a shocker. :P 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink.


i like the idea of cream colored hands on chocolate back ground. either way, this tee is pretty rockin.


i love love love your concept- but if you decide to give it ago for a second try- the thing that bug me are the swirls and the font of "figure one", because whenever you see a "figure one" the font is always very bland and usually off to say the right side. just a thought. yay.


i love this so much!!! the hands are drawn really good, and the design is just awesome!!!


Finally! Cause everyone else seems to get it wrong.



Yeah, if I were you I'd change step 2 to putting down the middle finger first lol. Not sure a lot of people want to wear the shocker on their chest. Plus if they are wearing it without realizing it, or without knowing what it means, they'll probably catch hell for it all day. Cool design though.


bobfrompikecreek is a choed. but can't have a figure one without a figure 2 etc. and please no cream colored shirts!! but other than that...\m/ ROCK ON DUDE!


I would like it in a color other than yellow. I would prefer cream, it would look like old paper


Yea, cream would look nice - ACE DESIGN though! $5


this image has already been made and is copyrighted by a band... i remember it from when they left a message in the comments on my myspace. hate to rain on the parade, but it figures somebody would have thought of this before now.

good execution, though.

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Thanks everyone for comments and votes. I'm pretty overhelmed.

Thanks nothingiscute for point out that the design's already been copyrighted.

Operators of Threadless please take down this entry.

I'm terrifed of unintensionally and/or subconsciously ripping off other people's work. And soI'm offish about submitting more designs.

I've made a request to Threadless to implement keyword tagging a la flickr. That would surely make it whole lot easier to go through the thousands of submissions. But obviously, it won't have help for this case....


I'm not a lawyer (yet), but if you don't actually copy from the previous work, you're fine. Copyright prohibits copying not independent creation.



I like it, but it looks like CRAP over yellow. Looks good over natural.

Makes me think of CBGB + Omfug shirts for some reason. 5.


figure two is the shocker, figure three is "i love you" in sign language.


This makes me want to be an old man who hates that "devil's music."

der liebe J.

to be precise:
pleeease reprint!


reprint please, somehow missed it the first time


please reprint


I'm thinking of a 2nd version of this design, except make it the shocker. It will be called "How To Shock" and it will be glorious.

I'd buy it.
then again... I'm an idiot.

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